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Archive-name: FirstGay/ftg561.txt


Archive-title: My First Time

My first sexual encounter occurred when I was 12 years old at Boy

Scout Camp.  A boy named Keith, a 15 year old high school kid with

long blonde hair, who was teaching me to swim, asked if I wanted

to spend the night in his tent.  He didn't have a bunkmate and occupied

the most remote tent in the entire campsite.  I thought it would

be cool to hang around with an older kid, and was happy for the opportunit

y to ditch my Nerd bunkmate, so I gladly accepted his offer.  That

evening, I gathered my sleeping bag and made my way over to his tent.

For a while, we lay on top of our cots and bullshitted.  "Lights

out" was finally called and we prepared for bed.  Keith caught me

off guard by asking me what I usually wore when I slept.  I replied

that I normally slept in my underwear.  Keith suggested that I try

sleeping in the nude.  Having said this, he peeled off his underwear

and slid into his sleeping bag.  He kept his eyes on me as I undressed

completely and did the same.  I can recall the tactile sensation

of the sleeping bag enveloping my naked body.  We continued talking.

 We recited every dirty joke we knew.  The topic turned to "sex"

and we discussed what little we knew about girls and what it must

be like to have intercourse.  I asked Keith if he had ever had sex

with a girl.  He replied "no," but then replied, "But I know how

to p'practice.'"

"What do you mean," I asked.  At this, he unzipped his sleeping bag

exposing his lean, unclad body.  He had an erection which stood straight

up.  He took his pillow and stuck it half way down his cot, lay on

top of it, and began to "dry hump" it.  I watched him masturbate

in this fashion.  He had a summer tan line which gave contrast to

his pale, smooth butt as he scrunched up and down.  I grew a hard-on

just watching him.  He kept his eyes on me the entire time.  After

a while he asked, "Why don't you give it a try?"

"I don't have a pillow," I replied.  (It was true: I had forgotten

to bring one with me to camp.)  Keith was quiet for a moment, then

responded, "We can share this one."  He instructed me to unzip my

sleeping bag, which I did.  As I lay on my back, Keith came over

to my cot, spread my legs apart, placed his pillow between my legs,

and climbed on top of me.  With only the small pillow between our

two erect cocks, he started to hump me.

I felt the weight of his teenage frame on top of me.  I had "wrestled"

with boys before, but this was the first time I had ever rubbed naked

bodies together.  I could feel the stiffness of his cock against

mine through the down of the small, flimsy pillow.  I instictively

wrapped my legs around his thighs and grabbed his bare ass with my

hand as he rode me..  A little while longer and he ejaculated into

the pillow with a shudder and a moan.

That was my first sexual experience.  In retrospect, I suppose I

was being shamelessly molested by an older boy, but it didn't seem

that way at the time.  Despite diversions such as these, I eventually

became an Eagle Scout.  (I could tell you some other camping stories!)

 Anybody else out there have some camp fire stories to tell?


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