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Archive-name: FirstGay/ftg553.txt


Archive-title: First Time

My first time may habe very common, considering some of the stories

on this board.  I was 15 at the time and very active in Boy Scouts.

I wasas on a hike with my troop.  We hiked for what seemed like hours

before we found our campsite.  We set up camp and before too long

we became bored.  Seeing it was the heat of summer and we were hot

and bored, my buddy and I decided to hike a little further to a lake.

I packed my swimsuit in my knapsack and we started our hike.  WHen

we got to the lake my buddy and I (he was 17) started to open our

knapsacks and I discovered that my swimsuit was not in there. Someone

took it out.  I said that I wasn't going to go swimming, but my buddy

said that he would go in naked if I would.  I was first going to

say "No, that is OK" but before I knew it he was naked and going

towards the lake. When I saw him go into the water, I got brave,

got naked and ran towards the water before he saw me.  Needless to

say I had a hard on.

     We were swimming and having a water fights.  He then started

swimming towards shore and I saw him stand up and for the first time

saw his wet hot body without any distractions.  It made me so hard.

I watched him to see where he was going. I thought he would dry off

with his towel and put on his clothes.  He didn't.  He instead, went

to a rock that was half in the water and laid on top of it.  There

he was, lying on top of the rock, for the whole world to see.

    When I saw that he was lying there with his eyes closed due to

the hot sun, I went to shore and grabbed my towel to dry off. I wanted

to get my clothes on before he saw that I was hard.  As I grabbed

my towel, he called to me and asked me to join him.  Not to seem

embarrassed or prudish, i walked over to the rock with the towel

hanging in front of my hard on.  I sat on the rock next to him. I

was just a foot away from his cock.  He told me to lay down next

to him.  I did with my towel on top of my waist.  We layed there

together, naked and exposed (or at least he was).

    I was thinking that this was pretty innocent and tried to relax.

After a few minutes, I looked over at him and noticed that he was

standing up and rubbing his dick.  When I got a better look, I saw

that he was hard and he was jerking off.  I acted like I never noticed.

He started to moan a little bit.  I think he wanted my attention.

 I finally sat up and asked him in a guy sort of way, "What the fuck

are you doing?"  He turned around so he was facing me.  His cock

was at my face level and about six inches from my face.  He started

to beat his dick in front of me.  When I opened my mouth to comment

on what he was doing, he stuck his cock in my face and around my

lips.  I opened my mouth and he inserted his cock.  I sat there ver

still. He moved in and out like he fucking me face.  He dick was

at least 6" if not more.  I started to get his rhythm.  I was actually

sucking a cock.  It tasted so good. I tasted his precum, something

that I had never experienced before.

     He then told me to stand up. I stood next to him. We were both

hard facing each other, in the open air for any person to pass an

see two men doing what every man wants to do.  He took his hand and

was rubbing my hard dick.  His thumb stayed on the tip of my cock

and he rubbed that.  His other hand was holding my balls so that

they would not further inside my scrotum.  He then got behind me

still holding onto my cock and balls, masterbating me.  I reached

my hands back and held on to his ass. I felt his cock against my

ass crack.

     I was moaning and moving around.   My cock was red.  My legs

were shaking for the inevitable load that I would spew very soon.

I was holding it in trying not to cum.  I wanted to savor this moment.

He stopped.  He moved next to me.  We grabbed our own cocks and together

shot our loads over the rock and into the water.

     After we shot our loads, he took his hand and placed it around

my cock.  He made sure that my cum was on his hands. He took his

hand off my cock and put it towards his face. He licked one of his

fingers.  Then again, took my cock into his hand, like it were my

hand, and took me to the edge of the water.  He ran into the water

and began to swim.  I followed him in to the water and swam together



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