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Archive-name: FirstGay/ftg552.txt


Archive-title: My First Time

I was in high school and I was a very good student with high grades

and all- My math instructor was a tall caucasian man with a greay

and brown beard and interesting eyes(he looked very intelligent)

he was always interested in my work habits and asked several times

that I stay after to get extra help so I'll do really good on my

SAT. One day I did stay late and I noticed a bulge in his polyester

slacks that I've never seen while he was teaching- ever so slight

but there- anyway he offered me a ride home and I accepted- We hs

had to stop off at his place so we stayed for a while and played

with his dog and at that point he wanted to shower. I noticed him

in the shower behind the glass door beating off ... boy was I excited

as I never say a naked man- other than my dad. He came out of the

shower and wrapped himself with the water still running. He asked

if I wanted to shower and I accepted-He helped take off my clothes

as a father wood but he was still hard. he watched me shower and

when i came out he was there naked fully hard waiting for me. He

lead me by the hand to his room and layed me down and started sucking

my cock and then he rimmed me really long and hard- I never new people

did that then-after a while he turned me over and spread KY on his

cock and slipped it in very slowly but in less than 3 minutes I was

getting fucked the old fashion way. He shot a very large load up

my ass and he was not endowed very well. I must say that 5" dick

really shot hard. We met several times after that and once was with

a friend of his. I was 17 and he was about 42.


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