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Archive-name: FirstGay/ftg551.txt


Archive-title: First time sexual experience...

I was eight....yes 8 years of age.

My parents had gone out and I had this 15 year old male babysitter.

As I can recall he had blonde hair and blue eyes was hairless except

a little tuft around the base of his cock.

My brother was 4...and he had gone to sleep already. The babysitter

asked me with a devilish twinkle in his eye if I "wanted to stay

up later than I was supposed to?"

Being the rambunctious precocious brat that I was I said "Yeah! What

do I have to do?" He said "The first thing is you can't tell anyone

about what we do...cause if you do...we'll both be in a LOT of trouble"

Well....this was all I had to hear...he definitely had my interest I agreed. He told me that he was going to go into the

bathroom and come back naked...and he watched me for a reaction....I

waited. He came back from the bathroom with a hardon and a 'balloon'

on his cock. (condom).... I couldn't figure out why he had this on...but

then again I'd never seen a cock that big hard as a rock and it was

very exciting and interesting. He sat down on the couch and told

me to kneel between his legs....then instructed me on giving a blow

job. I can acutely remember all of my he smelled. The

sheen of light sweat on his brow. The hotness of his dick.....the

smell of the was all very heady (how's that for a pun?)

and exhilirating......soon his body tensed and I felt his cock pulsating

in my mouth...I took my mouth off of it and saw this stuff pumping

out of it.....(I'm sure that's why he didn't have me suck him without

a condom...I would have at my age thought he was pissing in my mouth

and probably would have freaked out!)....he asked me to continue

sucking....I did...and can even remember that the condom now moved

beacause of the internal lubrication of his cum. It was VERY EXCITING.

He patted my head and gently stood up. He asked me if I'd like him

to do that to me and I said "Sure....why not?" He went back into

the bathroom took off the condom ...I heard the toilet flush.....and

then he returned to me......his cock was still rock hard....he was

so hot looking and I was still VERY excited. He gently removed my

flannel pj's and sat me down where he had been sitting a short while

before. He leaned forward and in one wet open mouthed movemŻent

encased my entire cock and balls with his hot wet mouth. My small

penis was very hard but when I fŻelt the Żwetness and warmth of

his hot mouth....I thought I had died and gone to HEAVEN. Of course

at 8....I couldn't ejaculate yet but this feeling was INCREDIBLE!!!

After a while he looked up at me and smiled and stopped. He babysat

for me a couple of more times...we repeated the action.....with him

adding the unbelievably hot gesture of licking my asshole. Then he

moved out of state and I never saw him again.

At 8....I was fortunate enought to form my sexual credo which was


I've lived my entire life that way. Up until 5 years ago I was married...h

ad a kid and sometimes (unknown to my wife) played around on the

side with guys. Now I'm (happily) divorced and gay.

I sometimes think of that babysitter and wish that we hadn't lost


Hope you guys enjoyed my first time............let me know if you



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