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Archive-name: FirstGay/ftg549.txt


Archive-title: Me User #2216

        I remember my first time pretty clearly... it was when I

was 16.  I had tried out for swimteam, and the tryouts lasted maybe

2 weeks... during the tryouts there were only abou 8 boys going out

for it... so that meant that there would only be like one or two

boys per locker row while we were changing.

        During the first week I had ended up changing next to this

guy Blake... I noticed on the first day that his cock was semi-hard

and that he was HUGE even at that.  Blake was a Freshmen and either

14 or 15, he was 6'2" at least, and I was 6'1"...

        The next day after try outs I took a quick look at his swim

shorts before we went into the locker room to see if he was hard

or not and he wasn't.  But by the time he had the shorts off in the

locker room he was EXTREMLY hard (the skin was so tight it was

shinning)and I couldn't believe it.  I thought to myself that I may

have finally found somebody else who was just like me.

        With each day it turned out that he was hard in the locker

room as we changed... and my thinking was that it was over me because

I was the only one in the locker row with him!  I had been taking

every oppurtunity for the two weeks of tryouts to talk to him as

we were waiting to be picked up... and I was almost DEFINATE that

he was gay... so since the last day of swim try outs were the last

day of school before the winter break I thought I would make move

then.  Unfortunatly he didn't show up on the last day, or I may have

just missed him... because we were only looking at the list for who

made the cuts (neither of us got cut)

        So off I went to winter vacation... a little saddened that

I hadn't been able to talk to him to maybe ask if he wanted to do

something during the break.  I didn't have another chance to talk

to him again untill swim season actually started in Feburuary...

I had seen him in the hallways a couple of times, but there was no

oppurtunity to actually talk to him.

        On the first day of the season practices he and ended up

in the same lane, and we talked during most of the practice (between

warm ups, etc...)  Anyway Blake said he was happy to see that I made

the team too... Later on we went back into the locker room to change,

and once again he was hard.  This time I decided I would pursue it

again as we were waiting for our parents to come for us.

        We sat on the knee high wall in the parking lot and we were

talking about just about everything, when I decided to bring up something

a little more pleasing to my fantasys... so I decided to ask him

if he was gay... WHAT A STUPID QUESTION... but being 16 I couldn't

think of anything better...  His face darkened and he looked a little

fearfull... I didn't want him thinking I hated him for it or anything

so I just put a warm smile on my face, and that seemed to be enough

for him... so he gave me a partial yes... "I don't know..." he said...

        Then he wanted to know why I wanted to know... so I told

him that I was a little curious... and that I saw him in the locker

room... and for some reason it turned me on (knowing full well why

it turned me on).  His face allmost lit up immediatly...

        The next day Blake asked me to spend the night at his house...

I thought I was getting a little old to be spending the night at

friends house's but I said yes anyway... so we planned for me

to come over on Friday night... after I got out of my moms car

I went up to the door, and knocked he opened it up, and I went inside...

the house was completly dark... and there was no sound except for

the two of us, "My parents are out tonight..." Blake whispered.

I couldn't believe... almost instantly I was so hard that I thought

my dick was going to explode and that I would be cleaning the blook

blood out of my underwear for years!

        We went up to blakes room, which had alot of girl posters

on the wall... kind of ironic!  I pointed that out and he laughed...

Next thing I know we are on top of the bed completly nude... and

holding each other tightly...

Well that was my first time... that was only a few years ago... I

don't really talk to blake any more... even though I sometimes see

him around...


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