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Archive-name: FirstGay/ftg545.txt


Archive-title: My First

Well.... I've never shared this with anyone, but here it goes...

I'm Asian.. won't say what kind exactly in case someone recognizes

me.. but anyway, my first time happened with my two cousins who lived

on the same block as me. Well, we had been buddies since daipers

(Sp?).. we used to go BMXing (it's a bike) all around town together

and we'd get together and play games at their house. I was about

13 and my two cousins were Robert (14) and Bryan (12)... [sorry if

this story lacks a little structure, I'm writing as I memorize it..]

anyway, we were playing doctor one day. You know the old routine,

one was a doctor, the other an assistant or nurse and the other was

the patient. We'd all rotate the jobs, but the most fun for me wa

was being the patient. We'd do things like taking off the patients

shirt, listening to the heart and other stuff.  One day it kinda

escalated. When I was the patient, Robert had me take off my shirt

for our usual exam, and so I did. Finally, after the usual listening

and touching stuff, he had his brother take off my shorts. At first

I didn't think anything of it... but once they were off, my little

5" dick started to grow. I only had a couple of little peach fuzz

hairs growing at the base and the smoothest balls... heh heh.. I

had my eyes closed when suddenly Robert asked Bryan to hand him som

some metal tool... I think it was a screwdriver or something... anyway,

he started prodding my dick and balls with it gently, which made

me all the more harder. Then Robert had me turn over to examine my

butt. He had Bryan hold my ass cheeks open while Robert looked into

my if it was the first time he and Bryan had ever looked

at an asshole before... So Robert tells Bryan to hand him a pen or

something... and he starts to stick it up my butt. I think I winced

a little, but it was too small to really hurt.  I started to get

a little more excited and soon blew my cum all over Bryan's bed.

It was the first time I came without jacking off.  Robert and Bryan

just stood around laughing at what I did, although Bryan was pretty

mad. He thought I'd pissed all over his sheets, but Robert knew what

really happened.... anyway..... So the next week Robert came over

and we started playing downstairs under the garage like usual. I

think we were making a new ramp for our bikes. Anyway, after a while,

Robert asked me if I wanted to play around like last week.... I knew

what he meant, so I said yes. Keep in mind, I didn't consider myself

gay, in fact, I had a major crush on a girl at school. Anyway, it

felt good, so, why not?    So we went to a corner of the garage where

no one could see should we hear my mother come down the stairs...

Robert sat down on a chair and told me to pull my pants down. Stupid

me, I did. He looked at my dick for a while... just the feeling of

someone else touching it felt great!.... Then he told me to turn

around and

around and bend over.... so I did. Robert parted my ass cheeks and

started blowing at my butt hole. It felt really wierd and I started

to get REALLY hard. He said something like my butt hole looks like

a girl's pussy or something. I didn't know if I should thank him

or fart in his face... but anyway... He kept blowing for a few mor

 minutes when he asked me to wait for a sec. He pulled down his shorts

and told me to sit on his dick. I turned and caught the site of my

first erect cock. I'd seen limp dicks on other kids before, but

never one that hard. Plus, it was something like six or seven inches

with a thick bush around it. Uh. oh... gotta go... 2 B Continued.

Message #546


Subject: My first time... part II

Ok... so as I was saying... Robert told me to sit on his dick...

so... I kinda did... I didn't quite know what he was trying to do..

but I thought it was kinda interesting... then he told me to stand

up for a minute... He spit on his dick and stroked it a couple of

times.... He had a really nice dick from what I remember.. kinda

a light tanned color and smooth with a nice perfect rocket shaped

head... oh.. and he was cut too... just like me... anyway.. so his

dick is really wet from his spit and he says, "o.k., try it again..

this time, I instinctively knew he wanted to put it up my but hole.

I didn't resist... I guess I was more curious than anything, and

I was more concerned about my mom coming downstairs.. So I slowly

bent my knees while he parted my ass cheeks. I could feel the tip

of his head touch my crack, and I reached around to aim it better.

Then he didn't even give me warning, but arched his hips up to push

his dick into my little smooth butt hole. I winced and almost cried

as that shot of pain kinda rushed through my body, but he was a little

bigger than me, and more muscular.. so he held on to me and forced

his cock deep inside my hole. My knees gave out and I collapsed onto

his lap, while he pumped his dick in and out of my hole. I could

feel the spit start to evaporate and feel his raw skin rubbing in

and out of my hole, but the pain kinda turned into a little stimulation

and a little tolerance, since I didn't want to make any wierd noises

that would send my parents running down the stairs. So after a couple

of minutes he started whispering about how good it felt and how it

felt like a cunt and stuff... I just closed my eyes and tried not

to concentrate on the pain.... suddenly after about five minutes

he made one final thrust and I could feel him spurting something

inside me. I thought he was pissing in me at first, and I immediately

stood up, turned around and said what the fuck?... Then I saw his

dick, still spurting his load all over his shorts and shirt... Jeez,

I tripped out because I didn't know you could come inside someone's

butt... I didn't even know how babies were made, just that I could

jack off thinking of a naked girl or something. Anyway... So... After

that he'd come over and try to bribe me into letting him fuck me

using candy, toys, games and stuff... I guess it was sort of prostitution,

 hah hah.. anyway, Once I wouldn't give in and he held me in a neck

hold until I did, then he would pin me down under him  while he practicall

practically raped me... hmmmm.... I can go into detail if you want...

but it was sort of willing rape.... There's more with his brother

too if you like... anyway... that's my first... hope you enjoy it

as much as I've enjoyed yours....

To be continued........


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