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Archive-name: FirstGay/ftg542.txt


Archive-title: First time rimmed.

This was before AIDS, and no, I didn't get AIDS because of it.  I

was also a frequenter of the baths.  I went as a voyeur, mostly.

 I was the guy who had the dick everyone sucked through the glory

hole.  I'd start getting a hardon after work on Friday night because

I entertained thoughts of the weekend I would spend at the baths.

 It was often the 8709, but, the Hollywood Spa or the Melrose baths

were my alternates.  Immediately when I got to the baths, I be in

the buff.  I related to it more as a nudist house, where I could

always be naked and free to get pleasured by some or several hot


You early 20's guys with buff bods know what I mean about how freat

it feels to be body worshipped, when everyone wants to swing on your

dick?  Well, that was my scene.  But I didn't get fucked, cause it

was obvious that I was the fucker type and not the fuckee type.

The point is that I was very confident and sure of myself and thought

nothing of falling asleep one night on a top bunk in the barracks

of the 8709.  It was a dark corner and I didn't expect to be noticed,

there sure were enough live and awake bodies going around for everyone.

I awoke to the most pleasurable sensations in my ass that I had ever

felt in my life.  I thought I was dreaming and about to have a wet

dream, but, I slowly came to realize that I had a face in my ass

and my rock hard cock under my belly was being ground into the matress

by the force of the man's tongue.  I turned my head around to get

a look at the handsome silhouette of a well tanned man contrasted

against the white sheets eating my ass out in the dark.  The force

of his face and tonge drove me deep into the matress, rubbing my

dick against my belly.  I was moaning out loud in pleasure, lost

in the dark, my inhibitions diminishing with every thrust of his

tongue, until I was begging him to fuck me, shocking myself at the

sound of the words coming from my mouth.  I had only been fucked

a few times up to that point, only by well known, very familiar,

lover boys, who had average sized cocks, and although it was pleasurable,

the need I felt with this man's tongue up my ass was a need I never

before knew.  All I could think of was "Fuck me, OH PLEASE, Fuck

me, and whoever else wants to fuck me please get over here and do

it."  I don't even know if I actually said it out loud, but, I do

remember that when he slid his dick in it was so easy to take that

he just slid right in.  As he went in, he was slow and steady until

he was all the way to the hilt.  Then he rested for several moments

and flexed his shatf repeatedly until my ass clenched around him

tightly.  When he withdrew, I could feel that his cock was very long

and slender.  I guess about 8 or 9 inches.  He slid it all the way

out to the tip of his head and slid it all the way back in.  After

about 10 or 12 strokes I could feel the hot spurts of his juices

warming my insides and really slicking me up I wanted more.  As he

lay resting on top of me I noticed several men had gathered around

the bunks and hands were now exploring our bodies probably probing

the dark to check us out.  The feel of my cock and washboard stomach

in the dark is usually enough to stop any guy for further exploration,

and as my fucker slid out of me and vanished in the crowd of bodies,

another probed for the mark of what I was obviously offering.  The

empty feeling caused by the withdrawal of a dick was soon overwhelmed

with the onslaught of another intruder.  I was so slick, he slid

right in.

I don't know how many guys fucked me that night, but I took at least

15 loads of hot gushing cum and several guys ate my ass between fuckings.

I unloaded my own at least 4 times during a six hour session.  Once

was during an extended fucking I was getting by a guy with a smaller

dick than most who took me on.  His was about 5 or 6 inches, seeming

to his a certain spot on my prostate that sent waves of pleasure

like I've never felt, up my body and forsed me into spasm and full

body orgasms, which made me shoot farther than I ever had with a

force greater than I had ever shot.  I was on my back and he was

on his knees with my heels on his shoulders.  Both of my hands were

under my ass.  One hand was holding him from slipping out too often

cause he was pumping as fast as a rabbit, and the other hand was

holding on to his balls, causing him a good tug on his nuts every

time he pulled back too far.  As I became aware that I was going

to shoot my load without touching my dick, with my hands, I gasped,

something like, "OH my God, I'm going to cum like this!"  From that

point, the orgasm, slowly built.  It took several more minutes before

I finally unloaded, and as each moment passed, I thought I couldn't

get much more intensibly pleasurably, I thought I'd be shooting the

next moment, but, I just kept ascending.  When I finally did ejaculate,

my asshole spassmed, clenching around him until he emptied himself

in me.  I will never forget that one, but the guy who followed him,

I can't recall, nor the next few, but eventually I came conscious

and had more orgasms, but with assistance from hands, or mouths,

as a crowd had developed and eventually I had several guys doing

various things to me at once.

Eventually, I even had guys sitting on my dick.  One I recall vividly

because he was very dry and it hurt as my skin was stretching trying

to probe him.  I was helplessly in pain as he lowered himself while

I was being smothered with a dick down my throat and my hands pinned

and full of cocks and ball from the onlookers.  It felt like I was

plowing him a new hole, then suddenly, I felt the familiar sensations

of a tungue that licked and lubed my shaft and his hole as I sunk

to the hilt.  In his position, another guy mounted and fucked him

and as the chain formed of entwined fucking orgiastic bodies I slipped

out of them and disappeared into the crowd, wondering if anyone recognized

 me out of character, as a bottom.  That was a first, all right.


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