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Archive-name: FirstGay/ftg537.txt


Archive-title: His First Time

I was riding the bus home from work...think I was about 22 then.

The bus was crowded, but I noticed this cute young latino

boy sitting a couple seats behind the back exit.  I was standing

to the front of the exit, and kept meeting his eyes.  He kept

looking at me and then looking away.  We were approaching my

exit, and I made eye contact with him as I pulled the cord

requesting a stop.   The kid looked confused, so I motioned with

my head, trying to communicate that he should exit then too.

He didn't get up as I exited, but as the bus was pulling away I

noticed that he kept watching me, then reached up and pulled the

cord.  The next stop was only a block I started

walking.  He got off and started walking towards me, and we

went up to my apartment.  He was very shy, and very young...maybe

he was 18 then, but I guess I felt it best not to ask.

  In my apartment he sat in the chair, possibly for added safety?

We talked for a bit, but then I noticed him shaking.  I asked him

if he was cold, but he said "No, I've just never done this

before".  I decided to go very slow and gently, and sat next to

him and put my arm around him (well, not exactly next to him as he

was in the chair, but the chair was pretty big, and could sorta

accomodate the two of us).  He was still shaking as I put both

my arms around him and began to kiss him tenderly.  We kissed for

awhile before I took him into my bedroom, and still kissing him,

slowly undressed him, kissing and touching him tenderly.  I still

remember his soft, smooth hairless skin, and his soft, tender

kisses.  Soon we were both lying naked and nude on my bed, and

I was both thrilled and surprised when he started kissing my

body and taking my cock deep into his mouth, giving me a quite

nice blow job.  He was pretty good about it, and I still remember

the expression of YUCK on his face when I came and he tasted

cum for the first time.  I laughed and said "that's okay, you

don't have to like the taste", and took him back into my arms,

kissing him tenderly and giving him his first blow job.   I

told him later that I'm glad I was his first, because that way

he'll always remember me.  Guess I've always remembered him

as well.  I saw him out in the bars not too long thereafter,

and he always made a point to say hello.


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