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Archive-name: FirstGay/ftg536.txt


Archive-title: Science Teacher

The first time I did it was while my science teacher watched. I kept

getting boners in his class and one day he told me to stay after.

He said I had an obvious problem and not to worry about it. Then

he asked me if I jacked off and I said no..which was the truth since

I didn't know what that meant.

He told me..and that got me excited.

I biked over to his house on Saturday as we had arranged and he showed

me some magazines with guys in them jacking off and doing other things.

He told me to strip and I did...standing naked in front of a mirror

while he gave me an instant education on what was going on "down


I jacked off while he watched and gave me instructions..when I was

about to cum, I panicked and though I was gonna pee but he calmed

me down and I shot one hell of a load.

I kept asking him if I could do it again and again and he laughed

and let me.

After that I jacked off all the time..but somehow got more excited

when I could do it while someone was there..watching or even jacking

off too.

That was how I learned to suck..remembering those pictures in my

science teacher's magazine.

It wasn't until I was old enough to go to a bar that I was reunited

with him. He was in a gay bar that I visited and we ended up having

sex all weekend long.

I imagined I was still that very young horny kid..and he probably

imagined I was too.


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