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Archive-name: FirstGay/ftg522.txt


Archive-title: FIRST TIME

My first time was with my brother.

He was two years younger then me and cute as hell. I saw him naked

allot in our bedroom..and he seemed to like being that way.

Of course I too was naked now and then and he liked looking at me

too....asking questionsa bout body hair, erections, buttholes etc.

I figured it was normal for brothers to examine each other..and didn't

balk when he wanted to touch me.

I examined him too..our raging hardons got relief as we jacked off


But we didn't have real sex until our cousin was visiting.

"Which one of you wants me in your bed?" he asked. My little brother

suggested that we all three share my bed..and before I knew it we

were snuggled together under my sheets.

"Come on take these off" my brother said as he pulled our cousins

boxers off. The three of us ended up wrestling on the bed until our

parents came into the room.

They didn't seem to react to the fact that we three wre naked. They

just told us to settle down and go to sleep. They didn't even say

anything about all three of us being in my bed.

My little brother played with my dick while our cousin watched and

then to my surprize began to suck it.

He sucked me and my cousing until we shot a load.

From that point on, he was determined to try everything. He instructed

em on how to fuck my cousin and I did it.

He fucked me too.

By the time we three went to sleep, we had sucked and fucked each

other at least twice.

Our cousin left the next day..taking all he learned back to his own

friends I'm sure.

My brother and I couldn't get enough of each other...and we had one

hell of a time the next two or three years.

I thank him everytime I see him still.


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