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Archive-name: FirstGay/ftg519.txt


Archive-title: a tranvestite

I was living in San Francisco in the late 70's. Had only had sex

with a man once before, curtesy of a glory hole at my college, a

concept I couldn't resist. But years had gone by, and I was living

in the city, working at a store 6 days a week, and rarely going on

dates. But one night I was driving on Geary street, and I was so

horny I thought I'd explode, I pulled over to give the once over

to a hooker.  She came up to the door of my company van and smiled

and asked what I was looking for. When I realized she was a he I

laughed and apologized for making a mistake. She reached in the car

and grabbed hold of my cock thru my pants and told me that I hadn't

made a mistake.  I tried to resist, but she got in the van anyway.

She said "Look, we don't have to if you don't want to, but could

you give me a ride home?"  So I gave her a ride somewhere up in the

hills and as we pulled over to stop she pulled me out of the driver's

seat and led me to the back of the van.  A latino with satiny skin,

she kissed my neck and then pulled my throbbing cock out of my pants...

then she pulled my hand under her dress to her own throbbing cock,

which I started to stroke and suck as she sucked mine. Her cock was

long and thin and slippery as it went in and out of my lips, with

my own cock thick and pulsating between hers.  We both exploded in

a sea of cum, gasping for breath under the sexual torrent. She refused

to take any money for me, thanking me for the ride and sending me

on my merry way. I've always had a fondness for tv's ever since then,

but have yet to find one was pretty as her!


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