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Archive-name: FirstGay/ftg518.txt


Archive-title: My First "Good Time"

My best buddy and i were waundering around Boston at age 17 and tryin

to pick up girls (successful sometimes) and panhandle and hang out

at MIT or Harvard Student Unions, etc.  A tall college-aged guy passed

us at the Prudential Center (The banisters were fun to slide on).

He gave me 'the eye' and even though I noticed it, I suspect Dana,

my buddy, did too - though he never let on.  Anyway -- I came up

with some story to Dana that I wanted to score some drugs of some

kind (Valium?) from this guy that looked like Mick Jagger with some

amazing eyes.  I ran towards the direction he went and sure enough

he DID have some kinda stuff (and pot) at his apartment in the Back

Bay so I headed back and told my friend I'd call him at home after

I 'connected'.  Went back to the apartment with "(*&^%$)"  (Ha! Don't

even know his name... Jim?)   We started to smoke some pot - which

I'd never gotten off using before but, alas!  this time I did.  There

was a girl there all dressed in black and very vampy.  She went to

an exclusive girl's school (this is important in Massachusetts you

see) and was bright and very counter-culture.  She began playing

baroque music on (Jim's?) piano.  He had only candles for light...

everywhere...   With the pot, the music and the candlelight, it was

actually semi-dreamlike. He had a major whanger and I tried sucking

on it.. as he was doing to mine.  (It was known to be large even

then)  It felt great and for I was getting hot.  The piano was playing

and I didn't care that this girl (!) could see us naked!  Fooling

around (!)  [Did it add to the excitement and freakiness maybe?].

 I came loudly groaning.  He actually swallowed it!  AGh.  I probably

jacked him off after that... who remembers.  It was fun.  We all

spent the night together.  She wasn't into sex.  (Had a 3-way with

Dana and Marsha "Casaba Melons" from my high school later that year)

but there was only sex between Mick Jagger lookalike and me. Stayed

the night.  Walking down the Boston sidewalks in the morning, stoned

as a first time experience, and all the commuters in their 'proper'

Boston business attire, I felt like they could all tell that I was

stoned, and was a degenerate but felt inside "fuck you".  Made it

back to suburbia and produced some Tuinals for Dana.  Was actually

a pretty fun first time experience.  (well - the camp-outs with my

buddies don't count.... just comparing sizes and stuff.. oh yeah..

and the "practice" in makeing out that we did.. oh yeah..  and how

they tried to show me what jacking off was and my dick was "too big"

so it wouldn't work... but they could (yeah - they had pencil dicks

and i was pissed that mine was "too big")

hahahaha.  How many times do ya hear guys complain that their dicks

are too big! HA.  Childhood.  I love it.


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