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Archive-name: FirstGay/ftg515.txt


Archive-title: First Times

When I lived in DC, I used to go to the Greyhound bus terminal all

the time and just hang out. I sat in the coffee shop on a stool and

drank cokes and ate hamburgers..just watching the people come an


I especially liked seeing the military guys in their uniforms..and

those who weren't but their haircuts and shiny shoes gave them away.

It was one of those times that a Sailor sat beside me and we started

talking. He was from another town and had been reassigned to DC.

He didn't have to report till Sunday and asked if I'd show him around.

He got a place in a transient hotel across the street and we went

there to look at maps and talk about it.

Once inside , he stripped and asked if I minded. I shook my head

and tried not to look at what I wanted to look at.

He knew and made me sit on a chair and look as his cock. He took

my hand and put it on his cock and balls. His cock grew hard.

The room was getting hot.

He unbuttoned my shirt and played with my nipples. That was the first

time I ever knew they were sensative to the touch.

He said he'd blow me for showing him around the town..and we could

stay at his place.

He unzipped my fly and was soon sucking on my dick. It was my first

BJ so it didn't take me long to cum.

He laughed and said I'd get used to it. I did all weekend.

And kept going back to the bus station to meet others..especially

the military.

I learned so much about sucking and fucking that way.


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