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Archive-name: FirstGay/ftg514.txt


Archive-title: My first time

When I was 13 years old I discoverd "underground" newspapers.  I

noticed there was a personal section for "Gay/Bi".  I knew I was

strongly attracted to men.  My most common fantasies at that age

was sucking the cocks and licking the balls of the most attractive

guys in my class.  One Sunday I got up the nerve to call one of the

ads in an adult newspaper.  His name was Pat, and I told him that

I could meet him at the old Greyhound bus station in downtown L.A..

He said fine.  It took 3 RTD busses to get there and the whole

time I was very nervous.  I had never sucked a cock before but

just the idea of realizing this fantasy overwhelmed me as I rode

that 90 minutes of public transportation.  I told Pat that, t

that I was 14 (not much of an exaggerated lie) and that I would

be wearing a red windbraker.  When I arrived at the terminal I

watched for some young hunky guy that fit the description he gave

me.  After a few minutes I noticed a nice (not real handsome, but

young and better than average looking) appearing guy looking for

someone that fit my description.   I boldly walked up to him and

asked him if his name was Pat.  He said "yes", and we got into

his pickup.  We went to a big house near the Griffith Observatory.

Once there I was in awe of the large house.  He immediately led me

up the stairs.  My young cock started to grow as I anticipated

what lie ahead.  Once in a bedroom, he began removing my clothes.

At first I was uncomfortable, but then began to enjoy his hands

on my young body.  Once I was completely nude he asked me if he

could take my picture.  I declined.  Seems, even then I was par-

anoid about who might discover my interest in men.  Anyway, we

proceeded to the over-large bed where Pat laid me down and slowly

began sucking my 6" cock.  I was in heaven.  Nervous, but in heaven.

After ahwile I thought I might cum, so I half-heartedly indicated

that I might want to suck his very large (it must have been at

least 9" inches) cock.  I moved down his hairy chest and belly

and began my very first blow job.  I remember how this piece

of hard flesh felt in my mouth.  It felt like I were doing

something extremely nasty, but at the same time it made my cock

grow even more.  I could only get a little past the head into

my mouth, and started to gag.  Pat was a liitle upset that I

could not "deep-throat" him although I told him prior that I

was just a beginner.  At sometime during this I did cum, and

after awhile as I just laid there dormant he asked me if I had

cum.  He then asked me "Do you wanna get fucked?".   I didn't

even know that men could "fuck".  Having already cum and feeling

very guilty I said "no".  He never did get off.  He just took me

back home to the South Bay.  I felt very guilty after that and

believed that everyone who saw me knew what I had done.  That

was the first time that I had ever had gay sex.  It certainly

isn't the orgasmic experience the majority of the men on this

board are creating.  Anyone out there with other real experiences?


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