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Archive-name: FirstGay/ftg506.txt


Archive-title: New Experiences

Well, since one person has requested, I'll tell you the next stage

in my development.  The place was Dallas, Texas.  The time was several

years after I had had my first gay experience in an X-rated book-

store/arcade.  I was still very much in the closet and petrified

that anyone would find out about me.  My sexual experiences were

limited to anonymous encounters here and there along the way.  Ah,

but things were about to change.

I was in Dallas for the summer, working at Texas Instruments as a

summer intern.  I was living with my parents who had moved to Dallas

some years previously.  While I was in Dallas, I got word about an

audition for a new show at a local community college.  I was bored,

so I auditioned for it and got the lead.  Most of the rest of the

cast were what you would expect to find in community theater--some

talented, some not; some attractive, some not; but generally a good

group of people.  One of them, though, was special.  Patrick was

tall and slender, with short, brown, curly hair, the cutest dimples

I've ever seen, and deep brown eyes big enough to drown in.  One

look at him and I was in love (or in lust--at that age, it's hard

to tell the difference).  Added to all of this, he had one of the

best bass singing voices I've ever heard--with incredible richness

and power.  In short, he was everything I wanted to be, let alone


We had a get-acquainted party the night of the first rehearsal and

I tried to spend as much of my time around Patrick as I could, without

making it too obvious.  Much to my surprise, I found out almost

immediately that he was gay.  I don't know how the subject came up,

but when I found out, my heart almost stopped beating and my adrenaline

level went way up.  To think that I might actually have a chance

at doing something with this man....  Of course, I still didn't know

if he'd be attracted to me.

I didn't have the courage to come out of the closet to Patrick, even

though he was gay.  Maybe I was afraid of rejection or maybe old

habits die hard.  Fortunately for me, Patrick took matters into his

own hands.  He had seen me looking at him and he knew exactly what

those looks meant.  I guess I should explain that I was big and tall,

with rather straight hair, not bad-looking, and (if I do say so myself),

a great tenor voice.  I found out later that I was everything that

Patrick wanted to be!  Added to this was the fact that I had shaved

my beard and mustache to match a 19th-century gentleman's appearance

(mutton-chop side whiskers merging with a handlebar mustache).  Since

Patrick was attracted to men with facial hair, this was a real turn-on

for him.

We had a cast party just before the run began and Patrick asked me

to give him a ride since his car had broken down.  I sort of suspected

something, but I still wasn't sure whether Patrick was attracted

to me.  I sure hoped so, though.  While we were at the party, Patrick

made sure that my glass was never empty.  By the time we had to leave,

I was feeling no pain (and no inhibitions).

Patrick, of course, had to drive me home.  He kept one hand on the

gear shift, which my leg was resting against, and every time he shifted,

his hand brushed my leg.  Even drunk as I was, I was getting very

turned on and I finally realized that this couldn't be an accident--that

this gorgeous man was actually interested in me.

Since Patrick didn't have his car, I naturally invited him in to

spend the night.  My parents had a pool and jacuzzi in the back yard

and it seemed the most natural thing in the world to invite Patrick

for a midnight swim.  My parents had gone to bed much earlier and

I knew if we didn't make too much noise, we'd be safe.

Naturally, Patrick hadn't brought a swimsuit, but he didn't protest

too much when I suggested swimming in the nude.  I couldn't believe

that I had actually suggested it, but the thought of actually seeing

him nude was too much for me.  He slowly took off his clothes, never

taking his eyes off me as I did the same.  My dick was hard but I

could see that he had a similar problem.  When he took his underwear

off and it leaped up for all the world to see, he just looked at

it and laughed, then jumped into the jacuzzi.

I quickly followed, revelling in the sensation of the jets of water

against my naked body and against my cock and balls.  Patrick had

arranged it so that no matter where I sat, I couldn't help touching

him.  Our legs met underwater and he brushed his legs up and down

against mine.  I leaned back, content to let him lead the way, and

deliriously happy that a fantasy of mine was coming true.

When I opened my eyes again, Patrick had moved next to me and was

reaching his hand up to stroke my chin.  Taking my chin in his grasp,

he pulled me to him as he crushed his lips to mine.  We spent several

minutes kissing one another while our bodies moved against each other.

My hands took on a life of their own as they roamed up and down,

exploring every inch of this man I had dreamed about.  The night,

the beer, the jacuzzi, this man, had all come together and I was

lost in a haze of delight.  For the first time in my life, I made

the first move as I ducked under water and took a long, close look

at Patrick's rock-hard dick.  I surfaced for air, but then dove back

under immediately.  This time I wanted more than a look as I took

his long shaft into my mouth as far as I could.  All I could hear

down there was the roar of the jets of water in the jacuzzi, but

my imagination filled in the sounds Patrick was making.

For the next several minutes, it was like I couldn't get enough of

this man into me.  I was literally worshipping his cock as I took

it deeper and deeper until I finally had the whole thing lodged in

my mouth and throat.  I was beginning to get light-headed from lack

of oxygen because I didn't want to leave him to breathe.

It was Patrick who slowed me down.  He decided that events were moving

too fast and so he suggested we jump in the pool and cool down for

a minute.

Message #507

To: All

Subject: Patrick, part 2

Patrick and I dove into the pool, which was shockingly cold after

the warmth from the jacuzzi (some of it generated by us).  We horsed

around for a little while because I was feeling so relaxed and inhi-

bition-free, it was almost like being a kid again.

We decided that it was time to head into the house and into the bedroom

to finish what we had begun.  We didn't bother dressing as we gathered

up our clothes where we had tossed them and tiptoed through the silent

house into my bedroom.  Patrick entered first and I followed, gazing

longingly at the muscles rippling in his smooth ass.  I had never

done anything with a man's ass before, but I knew I wanted to do

*something* with Patrick's.  I closed the door behind me and when

I turned back around, he was waiting for me.  He gathered me into

his strong arms and plunged his tongue into my mouth as he explored

every inch of it.  His hands grabbed the cheeks of my ass as he pulled

me into him, grinding our crotches together.  Once again, I was content

to let him take the lead, following him wherever he might choose

to go.

Being still in a playful mood, I suddenly reached up and pushed him

back onto the bed, and fell on top of him.  Now it was my turn to

be the aggressor as my hands roamed over his smooth chest and my

tongue flicked lightly over his face and neck.  I nibbled at his

ear while my hands found the nipples of his chest.  I massaged and

tweaked them as he moaned lightly.  Our dicks were still moving against

one another and by now they were both slick with pre-cum.

I slowly teased him as I began licking lower and lower on his body.

I stopped along the route to pay special attention to his nipples,

pulling them into my mouth and gently massaging them with my tongue.

His belly button also got special attention from me as I flicked

it lightly with my tongue.  Finally, I couldn't stand it any longer.

I grabbed his dick and went all the way down on it in one swoop.

My hands by this time had found Patrick's ass and were massaging

his smooth, muscular cheeks.

After several minutes of this, I then began licking the shaft of

his cock like a lollipop.  I began moving gradually lower and lower,

breathing on and tonguing his balls.  Then I took them into my mouth,

one at a time.  I knew the time had come to make a move.  I tongued

lower and lower on his body as he, knowing my goal, raised his legs

into the air over my head.  This was my first time tonguing a man's

ass but I knew instinctively exactly what I was doing.  The smell

was a clean, man's smell, and I ran my tongue up and down the crevice

of his ass in long swipes.  Finally, I parted his cheeks wider still

and inserted my tongue farther and farther into his ass.

By this time, Patrick was helpless with desire.  My hands had begun

jacking him off in rhythm to my tongue in his ass.  I felt his dick

begin to spasm under my hand as his ass began to follow the same

rhythm.  I quickly moved back up and swallowed his still-spasming

cock as he finished his massive orgasm.

When he finished, he just lay there for a second and then proceeded

to give me the same treatment that I had just given him.  I had never

felt a man making love to my ass before, but I was in heaven as I

felt his tongue and fingers loosening my virgin asshole.  I lasted

even less time than Patrick had and within minutes, I was helpless

with my own orgasm.

Neither of us was ready to quit, and I knew I was ready for the next

phase of my initiation.  Patrick read my mind and knew exactly what

I wanted.  Raising his legs into the air once again, he positioned

himself in front of me.  Kneeling in front of him, I positioned my

hard cock directly in front of his puckered hole.  Applying saliva

liberally to my hard cock, I gradually entered him, one inch at a

time, until I was buried to the hilt in his hot, tight ass.  Patrick

had grunted at first as a look of intense concentration came over

his face.  Now this was replaced by a look of pleasure, as I began

to slowly move in and out of this gorgeous stud's ass.

My hands roamed over his upper body as I pounded away on his lower.

I alternated between massaging his nipples and jacking off his still-

hard cock.  After a few minutes of this, I took a break as I leaned

down and kissed that handsome face that had been the subject of so

many dreams.  Still inside him, I lost myself in the feeling of being

closer to this man than I had ever been to anyone.

Now my urgency was greater and so was his.  I resumed my thrusting,

pounding away like there was no tomorrow.  Within too short a time,

I felt that familiar sensation in my groin and I knew I couldn't

last much longer.  Patrick was pounding his own dick in rhythm to

my motion.  Finally, I couldn't take it any longer.  With one last

deep thrust, I felt my cock spew forth into the depths of his hot

ass.  A coupld of seconds later, his own cock jetted forth stream

after stream of cum, even more than he had given the first time.

When we finished, I just lay on top of him, my gradually-softening

dick still inside him.  After a few minutes, I rolled over next to

him and took him in my arms.  For the first time in my life, I had

met  a man who was more than an anonymous encounter; someone who

could make a change in my life.  I didn't tell him all that--I just

held him tightly and I think he understood.

We had a very successful run of the musical and Patrick and I remained

lovers for the rest of my summer in Dallas.  I had to return to Missouri

to finish my degree, but I knew I had someone special waiting for

me in Dallas.

I was tempted to end this story there, but I guess I'd better write

the real ending of it.  Three months after I returned to Missouri,

Patrick was killed in a car accident.  I cried when I heard the news--

it was so unfair that someone so young and with so much promise could

be cut down like that.  I was crying for me, too.  I felt like a

door had just slammed in my face after finally opening up for a few

brief moments.

I'll never forget you, Patrick.  God be with you.


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