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Archive-name: FirstGay/ftg503.txt


Archive-title: First Time (of course)

God, reading this group takes me back.  I'm afraid, though, that

my first time didn't have the romantic elements that many of the

posts here display.  You see, my dad was in the Air Force and we

travelled all the time--I didn't have close friends to "experiment"

with, shall we say.

To continue, I first realized I had gay inclinations in high school,

but I didn't act on them (out of ignorance and fear).  When I moved

out of the old home at age 19, though, I decided the time had come

to explore.

The place was Kansas City, the time was the mid-1970's.  I didn't

have a convenient guide to tell me where to go (I wasn't old enough

to get into the gay bars, anyway), so I picked the only place I knew

about--an X-rated bookstore/arcade.

For the benefit of the younger readers, I should explain that video

arcades then were different than they are today.  For one thing,

VCRs weren't in vogue yet, so they used movie projectors (8mm?) playing

short, five minute scenes in an endless loop.  We also didn't have

space-age plastic cubicles.  What we had instead were black-painted

plywood booths, complete with glory holes that the management

occasionally (vainly) tried to cover up.

My entrance to the arcade was exactly what you might expect.  I drove

past it two or three times before working up the nerve to enter.

Then I waited in the parking lot for the street to be empty so

I could rush to the door unseen.  When I got in, I was stunned.

My only exposure to sex/nudity had been reading an occasional Playboy.

I had no idea such things existed as I saw on display.

All the magazines were covered in plastic, of course, but I could

still see the covers.  There was even a gay section where, for the

first time in my life, I finally saw two men making love.  I couldn't

decide if I was in heaven or in hell, but my dick sure liked what

I saw--tenting my pants out for all the world to see.

I spent about half an hour just browsing up and down and looking

at all the possibilities.  Finally, I wandered over to the arcade

entrance.  I saw that some of the films were gay films and I knew

that I had to go in there.  I got five dollars worth of quarters

and plunged bravely into a new world.

Inside, everything was painted black.  There was a narrow corridor

down the center, with booths on each side.  There were a couple of

guys just standing around, one of them smoking (this was in the days

before surveillance cameras).  All of them looked at me, scaring

the hell out of me!  I didn't know exactly what they wanted or what

they wanted from me, and I was torn between fear and desire.  This

was exactly what I had come here for, but I didn't know if I was

brave enough to go through with it.

I entered a booth at random.  The film was a sailor flick and had

the basic storyline common to all of them.  Two men meet, somehow

signal each other and proceed to get it on.  In this case, they were

joined by a third man who was turned on by the action.  I saw a number

of firsts that day--witnessing my first blow job, my first threeway,

my first fucking.  All of this in total silence because these films

didn't have sound.  My dick got even harder than before, something

I didn't think possible and I was aching to do something with it.

The door, which I had left unlatched, opened a crack and someone

cleared their throat outside.  I didn't know what to do, so I just

stayed right where I was.  The door opened a little wider and he

slipped into the booth with me, closing the door after him.  He was

a middle-aged man, medium height with a trim build.  He had a moustache

and very short hair.  And when he smiled, his whole face lit up.

He wasn't exactly my dream man, but right then, there wouldn't have

been too many men that I'd have turned down.  My dick needed relief

and it needed it right now!

He came over to me and watched the film with me, asking me if it

was a good film.  I couldn't speak, so I just nodded.  I felt his

hand touch my leg, then wander back to my ass, gently stroking as

it went.  I turned to look at him and he leaned in to me and kissed

me, catching me totally off-guard.  (I didn't know that men also

kissed each other.)  After an initial hesitation, I cooperated, leaning

in to him and kissing him wholeheartedly.  His tongue entered my

mouth and we stood there, locked in the embrace.  Both of his hands

were now wandering up and down my body, playing with whatever they


After a minute, I tentatively put my hands around him and pulled

him close to me.  Our crotches ground together as he began moving

against me.  We were still lip-locked when I felt his hand moving

to my crotch and begin fondling my dick through my jeans.  I almost

came right there.

We moved apart and he slowly undid my belt and unzipped my pants,

all the while looking into my eyes.  I was unbelievably turned on;

this man could have done anything that he wanted.  What he wanted,

though, was my cock.  My pants fell around my ankles and I was standing

there in my underwear, uncertain what to do next.  He solved that

problem for me by kneeling in front of me and putting his mouth into

my crotch, still covered (barely) by my underwear.  After a brief

time (pun intended), he pulled my underwear down in one swift motion

and swallowed my cock.  I was in a state of shock--it's one thing

to fantasize about it, another to actually do it.

We stayed motionless for a minute, my cock in his mouth, while we

both savored the moment.  Then his tongue began moving around the

head of my cock in a heady, swirling motion.  He began to move his

mouth up and down the shaft, with his hand following along behind

to make sure that the entire cock got the attention it craved.  I

felt his other hand caressing my buns.  Then he began to deep-throat

my cock with both of his hands on my ass pulling me tightly into


I don't know how I held out, but I wanted to savor this as much as

I possibly could, which turned out to be 5 minutes or so.  When

his finger slipped into my ass, I lost it.  My knees buckled as I

was shaken by the most intense orgasm of my life.  I came and came,

while he swallowed all of it like kid sucking on candy.

When I was through, I didn't have the strength to do anything but

stand there and pant, trying to get my breath back.  He was still

kneeling in front of me with my slowly-softening cock in his mouth.

Finally, he released it.  Standing up, he gave me a quick kiss and

a pat on the ass and vanished the way he had come.  And I knew, once

and for all, that I had found what I wanted.

Whew, that brings back memories, that does.  Anyone interested in

the story of my initiation into fucking?


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