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Archive-name: FirstGay/ftg490.txt


Archive-title: My first time out doors

The first time I ever had a sexual encounter outdoors was when I

was 23 y/o, Let me take a step backwards.. I had just came out to

my parents, andd was living with my boyfriend, a hot 20 y/o blond-bombshel

l slut, well one day I came home to find this young 15 y/o gay boy

visiting, I came home in the middle of the day unanounced, and upon

opening the door seen the young man in the living room,flustered

and my boyfriend robe, spred out across the couch, when I went to

the bedroom My boyfriend was tring to put on his cloths, and the

look of guilt was all over...Well, about 20 minuets later,Dean, my

boyfriend asked if I would give this young man home...Well, I must

say that I do not beleave in sex with minors. But this boy was Hot

and I had known that he had sucked off my boyfriend, and a old houseguest,

 as a matter of fact thats how we got introduced.. Well anyway, on

the way to take him home, I asked how he liked the taste of deans

Cock. He said it was great,but I had come home before he or my boyfriend

got off. and it left him hotter then ever, he then said that if I

would let him he would like to suck me off, Well I thought this was

an intresting turn of events, and a welcome one at that, to have

this hot blond 15 y/o boy, beging to find a spot so he could feest

on my cock... We drove in to the Chatsworth mountians near the Rockwell

plant and parked, we went for a walk and as soon as we got behind

a rock, this boy striped off his pants, and got to his knees, and

said, I quote.Please feed me your cock!! I needed no convincing

so I undid my pants steped out of them and fed him my throbing member

after about ten minuets.He stood up bent over a rock and pleeded

with me to fuck his ass, and I did just that, I bent fown and fucked

his hot tight ass with my mouth, and when I had him begging I stood

up and slowley fed him my dick in one swift, slow, continous stroke..

well he found this to be to much and blew his wad all the way over

this rock that I had him on, and when his dicked squeezzzeed my diek

like the vise his ass was, I exploded deep within, Well when I got

home I told my lover and we ploted to meet him again, but thats another

story...all I know is that I loved doing it out in the open....and

hoped that you enjoyed the story... sorr for the spelling errors...


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