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Archive-name: FirstGay/ftg480.txt


Archive-title: PROM NIGHT

My first time was after my senior prom. Some of my freinds got two

rooms at a motel so we could party all night and not have to worry

about driving home drunk.  Well when we got there everybody crowded

into just one of the rooms and the other room was used for any prom

night love making.  After about an hour of playing drinking games

I had to piss real bad.  I got up to go to the bathroom but someone

was in there.  I couldn't wait so I snuck over to the other room

because all couples were accounted for and I knew I wouldn't walk

in on anyone.  I took my piss and when I was done I heard someone

come in the room.  Since I had the bathroom door shut, I guess they

didnt notice me in there.  When it sounded like they were going over

to the bed, I turned off the light in the bathroom so hopefully I

could watch.  I waited in the bathroom for about five minutes hoping

they wouldn't come in, when I saw the lights in the room go out.

Then I slowly opened the door so I could take a peek at them fucking.

 It was hard to see  who it was because of the darkness.  There was

some light coming through the window and as my eyes adjusted I could

see it was Josh sitting on the bed with his pants down and his legs

spread open a little.  It looked like somene was giving him a blowjob

 but I couldn't tell if it was his date, Jennifer, or not.   Between

the slurping sounds and Josh's moaning,  my dick was throbbing and

I needed to jack off but I resisted because I had to be ready to

hide when they were done.  The n Josh moaned, "Ahh, Darren,

you give such great head."  It wasn't Jennifer after all but Josh's

best friend Darren.  Josh and Darren  were juniors and both on the

football team but niether is really a big guy, they are both  just

firm and muscular enough to look hot.  I had also had a crush on

both of them at one time.  Well I couldn't just watch any more, I

had to join in.  So I snuck up behind Josh making sure Darren couldn't

see me  and I said, "Hi, mind if I join?"  Both of them jumped backwards.

 Josh quickly pulled up his pants and tried to stuff his  6" cock

back in.  Darren had all his clothes on but I could see  his dick

making quite a bulge in his trousers.  "What are you doing here?"

,asked  Darren. I explained to them  about how I was in the bathroom

and how I was watching them.  Then I repeated my question, "So can

I join in?"     They both looked at each other and then turned to

 me and ADarren said, "Yeah, sure." I said, "Great but first we should

get out of these stuffy clothes."  So we all stripped down bare naked.

Then Josh laid down on the bed leaning up against the headboard and

held his  stiff dick in the air.  Darren kneeled over Josh's dick

and lowered his ass down to take it all the way in.  Since Darren

had his back turned to Josh, i had a clear shot at Darrens 7" throbbing

cock.  So while Darren bounced up and down on Josh's dick, I took

Darrens dick in my mouth and sucked him off until he shot his

 hot stream down my throat.  Then Darren got off of Josh's dick and

layed stomach down on the bed and gave Josh a blowjob.  I kneeled

down just below Darrens ass, opened his muscular buns and pushed

my dick all the way in Darrens tight ass.  After a few minuts of

fucking his warm butt, I shot inside him and a few seconds later

Josh  shot his load into darrens mouth.  After we cleaned up and

got dressed theytold me that the story we would tell everyone else

is that we all went to get something to eat and to this day that

is what everyone else thinks.


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