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Archive-name: FirstGay/ftg477.txt


Archive-title: How I Became A Bottom

My first experience took place in College during my freshman year.

I was going to UCLA and to make ends meet, I was working at a market

 Although I knew I was gay, I had never had any experience. Sexually

I didn't even know what guys did to each other..guess I came from

a very sheltered home.  After working for a couple of weeks, I was

assigned to the night shift. Since I didn't have a car and the buses

stopped running when I got off work, I asked around to see if anyone

could help me out.  Lucky for me, the assistant manager was more

than happy to help me out even though he lived in the opposite direction.

His name was Joel and he was white, 6'1, 155lbs. He had brown hair

and was handsome. He didn't act gay as far as my idea of how a gay

person acted, flamboyount, it never dawned on me

that he would be my first love.  During the next few weeks we got

to know each other during my ride home...I liked him because he was

a nice guy with a great sense of humor..he was very extroverted as

opposed to my shyness and this combination worked out well.  He used

to always ask if I was seeing any girls and I always said no. He

would always reply how cute I was and that if he were a girl he would

go after me. A few weeks later, Joel asked me if I would help him

move over the weekend. I said sure.

        After spending the day moving, we were all sweaty and dirty.

Joel suggested that I take a shower, which I gladly accepted. After

being in the shower a few minutes I heard the bathrom door open.

It was Joel and he said thathe wanted to join me.  Before I could

say no, he explained that the landlord had told him that due to the

age of the building he would have to wait another hour before there

would be any hot water. Since I didn't want to be rude I said ok

although I was nervous. He got in and he began washing himself. A

few minutes later he asked if he could wash my back. I said ok and

at first everything was fine. Then I felt the soap move down my back

to just above my butt. At that point he said I had a really nice

body. At the time I was an 18 year old, 5'7", 125lbs. He then asked

me what I thought of his body. This forced me to turn to face him.

I said he had a good body too. Without hesitation he took the soap

and began rubbing my very quickly got hard. At the same

time his cock became hard too. It was much bigger than mine(it was

8.5" x 5") but instead of running out of the shower I just stared.

Joel quickly turned off the shower and we got out. He quickly dried

off and left. I dried off and walked into the bedroom to get my clothes.

They were gone. While standing there Joel walked in and said he was

washing our clothes and that it would take a while. He gave me some

shorts and a tank top to wear. Joel was wearing some speedo briefs

and a t-shirt.

        At this point I was scared, nervous, yet also excited and

anxious to see what would happen next.

(Stay tuned for part 2)

Message #478

To: all

Subject: How I Became A bottom (pt.2)

        I walked into the living room and Joel offered me a beer.

Being nervous I quickly downed it. Needless to say I became buzzed.

Joel apologized for what happened in the shower. He said that he

was gay and that the sight of my naked body made him lose control.

I accepted his explanation and confessed that I too was gay and that

although his advances scared me it had also excited me.  He smiled

and said that he had a hunch that I was gay. That's why he was willing

to take me home every night even though I lived out of the way.

We started talking about sex and I explained to him that I was avirgin

in every sense of the word. When he heard this, he grabbed my hand

and explained that his first few experiences were not the most satisfying

or pleasurable and that only by trial and error did he discover the

pleasures of man-to man sex. He didn't want me to go through the

same road so he said that if I was attracted to him he would prperly

teach and show me the ropes(literally and figuratvely, SMILE).

        I was attracted to him, horny, and anxious to have sex so

I said yes.

        Joel went on to say that I had to be open-minded as there

would be things that we did which would hurt at first but would turn

out to be pleasurable or things that wouldn't seem pleasant but actually

are.  To make sure that I this is what I really wanted, he tokd me

that if in a week I still felt the same we would begin.

        That was one long week. The following Saturday, I arrived

at Joels apt. Joel was only wearing a robe when he answered the door.

I quickly walked in and the first thing he said was to take off my

clothes. I did. My journey was about to begin...

Message #479

To: All

Subject: How I Became A Bottom (pt. 3)

        As I removed my clothes, I could feel Joel's eyes watching

me. When I was about to strip off my briefs, he told me to stop.

He walked over to me and began rubbing my cock thru my briefs. I

was instantly hard. Joel proceeded to remove my briefs and as he

did so he gave my cock a quick lick with his tongue. Joel then removed

his attire. There we were, a man and a boy, both naked, and both

horny as hell, with the boy about to be initiated into the world

of man to man pleasures.

        Instead of jumping all over me, Joel grabbed my hand and

led me to his bedroom and positioned me in front of a full length

mirror. "look", he said. "Look at how sexy your body is. It was made

to turnurn men on and it should be used to give men pleasure." For

some reason, hearing those words and looking at myself in the mirror

made me want to please Joel all the more. As I stood there, I realized

there was no turning back.

        As I stood there Joel instructed me to use my hands to examine

myself. I didn't feel comfortable doing this but Joel said that's

why he wanted me to do this. By knowing the parts of my body that

feel pleasurable, I would understand how to please other men. I played

with my whole body until Joel told me to stop. He asked if I had

fully explored all my erogenous zones and I said yes. To my surprise

he said I was wrong.  He proceeded to squeeze my nipples which hurt

but was also pleasurable. He lightly tickled my balls, and put pressure

near my scrotum. These sensations all felt great and I was surprised

that I had not done those things. This was Joel's way of showing

me how much I didn't know and how he was going to teach me things

that I could never have imagined. He was right. As I look back, the

things he taught me had never crossed my mind.

        I was then led into the bathroom where Joel confessed his

love for smooth men. Because of my ethnic background, I was already

very smooth, but he wanted me to be completely smooth below the neck.

At first I was a little reluctant but he said that it was the least

I could do since he was going to take the time to teach me about

sex. I agreed and he proceeded to shave my body. When completed he

led me back to the mirror and I was surprised by the difference.

the smoothness also felt great and when Joel told me that he wanted

to keep me shaved I happily agreed.

        Joel then led me onto his bed and instructed me to explore

his body with my hands so I could get comfortable touching another

man. While doing this Joel would emphasize certain areas that he

particularly enjoyed. As I was playing with his tits, Joel grabbed

me and pulled my face to his. He gave me a few light kisses to make

me feel comfortable. When I started to respond to his kisses he began

to french kiss me. He was a great kisser. Feeling his tongue in men

made me feel light headed and kind of lost in the moment. What seemed

like a long time passed before we separated. Joel looked at me and

gave me a smile and a wink and said, This is only the begining.

        Joel then turned the Tv on and started playing a tape in

his vcr. It was a straight porno tape. We watched it for a few minutes

and it didn't turn either of us on. I said it was boring. Joel said

that gay sex was definitely more exciting. Then he put in a gay tape.

It was the W. Higgins film, "Best Little Warehouse in LA". (Bet you

haven't heard that name in a while). Just seeing guys in action for

the first time kissing, sucking, fucking, rimming, j/o left a lasting

impression.  Watching the movie got us both hard so Joel suggested

that we j/o. He told me to go first so he could watch. It only took

a few minutes for me to shoot a big load. It felt great. But by the

look on Joels face I could tell that I did something wrong. He proceeded

to play with himself, stroking and touching his body. Occassionally

he would stop and then start again. He played with himself for a

good twenty minutes. When he finally came, it was a huge load. Jor\el

then proceeded to explain the importance of letting the orgasm build

before you release it and that before he taught me anything else

I would have to learn how to properly masturbate myself and then

learn to masturbate him. Until I met his requirements we would not

move on. Having said that, Joel said that my lesson for the evening

was complete and that my next lesson would take place in three days.

I was told to practice the things I learned tonight short of coming.

From now on I could only come in his presence. Stay tuned!!

Message #481

To: all

Subject: How I Became A Bottom (pt. 4)

        A few days later I went to see Joel. What did he have in

store for me today?  I entered his apartment and we both stripped.

After some light conversation, Joel and I began making out. His hands

rubbed my whole body and I was just savoring the moment. Eventualy

we stopped. Next Joel instructed me to jack off. He told me to tell

him whenever I came close to cumming and that I was not to cum unless

he said I could. I did as I was told for the first few times that

I felt like cumming. But one time I just couldn't hold back and shot

my load. Joel had been right. By delaying my orgasm I had the most

intense orgasm of my life. However Joel was not pleased. In a stern

voice, he said that I had disobeyed him and that if I wanted him

to continue teaching me then I had to listen or he would have no

choice but to stop. I apologized and begged him not to stop. He said

that he would forgive me this time but that in the future he would

punish me if I disobeyed him. He grabbed my arm and led me into thhe

hallway where he pointed out four rings in the corners of the wall.

He said that whenever I disobeyed him he would tie me to the rings

and I would be punished by various methods. This frightened me but

I did not say anything because I did not want to stop seeing him.

Plus it gave me incentive to really try hard to do things properly.

        Joel then asked me to jack him off and I was not allowed

to let him cum until he told me. Well I made him cum before he allowed

me to. Joel got out of bed and went to his dresser. He pulled out

a pair of leather wrist and ankle cuffs. He led me to the hallway

and strapped me to the rings. There I was, unable to move in a spreadeagle

position. Joel was standing behind me so I didn't know what he was

doing. Then he spoke. "You disobeyed me and now you will be punished".

Then I felt a sharp pain on my ass. Then another and another. After

ten or so whacks to my ass he stopped. Joel made his way in front

of me and gave me a long, deep kiss. He said that he was not happy

that he had to whip me but that I needed to be disciplined and if

I didn't shape up the punishment would be more severe and if I didn't

show improvement he would stop. I was teary eyed and apologized again.

Joel untied me and for the rest of the evening I j/o while listening

to his instructions and I jacked him off too. I did as I was told

and was given a lot of praise afterwards for being such a good student.

        The next meeting consisted of just jacking off myself and

Joel according to his instructions. At the end of the evening, Joel

said that it was time to move on to the next lesson.

        When I showed up a few days later, Joel said we should take

a shower. We showered and we went to his bedroom. He turned on his

vcr and it just showed scenes of guys eating each others assess.

Joel asked me to be honest and to tell him what I thought. I said

it looked gross and that I had never thoght of doing that. Joel the

then asked if I wanted to try it. I wanted to say no but I didn't

want to be punished and I figured this is what he meant when he told

me that I would do things which didn't seem too pleasant but would

be. I said yes. He instructed me to get on my hands and knees and

then place my head on the pillow so my ass would stick out. I did.

Then I felt his tongue licking my asscheeks, my ass crack, and I

felt his fingers tickling my balls and stroking my cock. Then I felt

him spread my asscheeks and I heard him mumble "what a beautiful

ass". He started by circling my asshole with his tongue, followed

by light licking over my hole. The feeling was very enjoyable and

erotic. Then he stuck his tongue deep in my hole, pushing and grinding

his tongue. What a wonderful feeling. As he was doing this he was

also stroking my cock. I couldn't hold back and shot my load. But

I also felt my ass contracting around his tongue which felt neat.

        Joel stopped after I came and told me that it was my turn

to lick ass. I laid on my back while Joel straddled me. He lowered

his ass to my face and I wasn't sure if I could do it. I closed my

eyes and licked. To my surprise it was tasteless and odorless. With

this fear gone, I begin kissing, licking, and sucking his hole. Joel

stopped a while later. My tongue sore but it was worth it. I had

just experienced something new and enjoyable. Joel called me a natural

and said that its called rimming. Since there was no need to teach

me any more he said that we could move on.

        Joel popped in a tape and it showed guy sucking each others

cock. I knew what was next. Joel got between my legs and began sucking

and licking my cock. It felt great. At the same time he used his

hands to play with my tits and balls. He also licked my ass. Eventually

I came and it was another wonderful feeling. Now it was my turn.

Joel asked if I had been paying attention to his techniques and I

said yes. So he told me to try to give him a blowjob. I started doiung

the same things except for one thing. I began stroking his cock like

I was j{ackiQkng him off. Joel didn't say anything so I continued.

When Joel was about to come I instinctively tried to pull my head

away, but Joel grabbed the back of my head and forced me to suck

his cock. When he came I had no choice but to swallow his cum. There

was so much that it started dripping out of my mouth. To my surprise

his cum tasted ok. When Joel was done cumming, I thought he would

praise me for being a natural cocksucker. Instead he said I was to

be punished. As he whipped me with his cat-o-nine tails, he said

that I had not been paying attention. He remarked that the reason

they call it cocksucking is that you use the mouth not the hand.

He also said that he felt my teeth which was something he did not

do to me. He also chastised me for pulling my head away when I came.

As usual when he was done he and I embraced in long, deep, passionate

kisses. For the next month I learned to suck his cock and was punished

as well. During that time I swallowed a lot of cum and I became hooked

on it. I would always make sure that I had sucked every last drop

from his cock. I learned not to use my teeth. But I could never swallow

his whole cock. I could only take about 6" before I gagged. But Joel

realized my limitation and was happy with what I could do. Then it

came time to move on. Stay tuned for the last chapter!

Message #488

To: all

Subject: How I Became A Bottom(pt.5)

        My introduction to anal intercourse was really when I realized

that I was a bottom. To aloow another man to penetrate and cum inside

you is in my mind the ultimate sign of submissiveness and the unique

characteristic of being a bottom. My first time with Joel came when

I visited him one Saturday afternoon. Things seemed different when

I entered his apartment. Instead of the usual playfullness, Joel

was very serious. He asked me to sit on his couch and said he wanted

to tell me something. He said that the past few months had been wonderful

and that he had grown very fond of me to the point that he felt that

he was falling in love with me. This revelation surprised and shocked

me. He continued that before things went furthur, he had a confession.

He was a top and he was looking for a relationship with a bottom.

He would play a very dominant role to the point that a relationship

would end up as a master/slave one. Since I didn't know what he was

talking about he explained. His definition of a top was that he would

always be in control during sex, and as a bottom  would submit myself

to all his desires. If the bottom had the right attitude he would

enjoy himself as much as the top. He said that I had demonstrated

that I had the perfect qualities to be a true submissive bottom and

that he could be the one to nurture me in this endeavor. Unless I

could agree to this, he would no longer see me. I said that maybe

I should think about it, but he said that to get an honest reply

from the gut, I had to decide now. Since I was super horny and I

enjoyed Joel's company and didn't want to stop seeing him, I agreed

to be his bottom. Joel smiled and gave me a great big kiss.

        Joel led me into the bathroom and told me that I was to get

an enema and that in the future I would have to do this myself before

I visited him because in the future my ass would be his at all times.

After the enema we went back to the bed. Joel went to the closet

and took out a box. It contained dildoes and vibrators of varying

sizes. While in a doggy style position, Joel began working the toys

in my ass. For the next few hours, Joel stretched my virgin ass.

Then I heard him say, "time for the real thing!". The next thing

I felt was the head of his cock pressed against my asshole. Then

I felt a quick, short thrust and by the pain, I knew he had entered

me. Slowly he moved his cock deeper in my ass, always pausing until

the initial pain wore off. By his moans I knew he was in total heavan.

Finally he had his whole cock in me. Then he quickly withdrew his

whole cock. He must have done this seven times before there was no

more pain, just discomfort when he entered me. At this poiQkA5}]{W|{w3{q

he decided to pull out. He gave me a hand held mirror and told me

to squat and look at my asshole. I could not believe how stretched

it was. The sight of it really turned me on. Joel then told me to

straddle him and to fuck myself on his cock so I could get used to

the feeling. He told me to go as deep as I could and then to go up

just until the tip of his cock was all that was in my ass. I did

so and after a while it felt pretty good. Iincreased the pace and

when Joel sensed this, he told me to stop. With his cock still in

me he flipped me on my back and began to fuck me. It was such an

incredible feeling, the pleasure and pain. Before long Joel had to

come. His pace quickened and the thrusts were harder. When he came

he let out a yell and his fucking slowed down. He left his cock in

me after cumming and collapsed on top of me. He kissed me and said

that my ass was the best he ever had. After relaxing Joel told me

to stand by the mirror and as I looked I could see how stretched

my hole was as the cum dripped out of my ass. A little while later

Joel had the urge to sample my ass again. This time he instructed

me to jack off while he fucked me. As I came I could feel my muscles

involuntarily contract around Joel's cock. He loved that feeling.

        After that evening I was sore for a couple of days but it

was worth it.

        For the next few weeks Joel trained me in how to please him

using my ass. At first I thought just being in me was enough. Wrong.

Joel taught me to "milk" his cock. With this technique I had to learn

to control my muscles so that I could literally make him cum using

only my ass so that he would not have to exert himself. This technique

took a while to learn but when I had mastered it I felt like I had

really accomplished something. During this time Joel had also begun

teaching me about B/D and light S/M. To me being tied up or getting

spanked as I was fucked was a great turn on and I couldn't get enough.

In fact I think that I had become addicted to butt fucking.

        After about 8 months of constant training, Joel and I had

developed a master/slave relationship. I was his sex slave who did

everything I was told. Stay tuned for one more part. I promise!!


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