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Archive-name: FirstGay/ftg464.txt


Archive-title: first fuck

My first time with a guy happened only a couple of months ago.  I

just got home from school (I go to college but live at home) and

I noticed my brothers freind, Brian, had his car parked in the driveway.

Both my brother and Brian are 16 and best friends.  Brian is about

5'9, medium build, plays on the soccer team and is so cute he drives

me nuts when he comes over.  When I saw Brians car out front I figured

him and my brother Jason had ditched school since they weren't supposed

to be home for another 2 hrs.  Well i decided I would catch them

ditching and later I could use it as blackmail against my brother.

 i snuck over to my brothers room to scare them but the door was

shut and the music was on.  So I slowly grabbed the door handle,

turned it quietly, and threw the door open.  What I saw next gave

me such a shock my heart nearly stoppped. My brother Jason was standing

slightly bent over his dresser with his shorts down to his knees.

 Brian had his shorts down around his legs just under his butt and

he was fucking my brother in the ass.  When they saw me, they quickly

pulled up their shorts and tried their best to cover up their hard-ons.

 They started begging me not to tell anyone.  When I looked at Brian,

he looked so scared I thought he was going to cry.  So with them

at my mercy I decided I would turn this situation in my favor

made a deal with them.  I told Brian that since he liked fucking

my litle brother so much he had to let me fuck him.  He was hesitant

at first but then thought it was better than me telling everyone

that he was a fag.  So he stood up and I leaned him up against the

dresser and bent him over slightly in the same position he ad my

brother.  By now my dick was pulsating with the anticipation of finally

living my greatest jack-off fantasies.  I undid my pants and lowered

them just enough to let my dick and balls out and then I slowly stuck

my dick up his tight ass.  Brian always had the best looking butt

of all my brothers friends and it looked and felt better than I had

ever imagined.  With my brother watching i started to fuck his best

friends brains out.  I noticed my brother sitting on his bed stroking

his own cock while he was watching us.  So I told Brian to go over

and suck my brothers dick.  While Brian was bent over sucking my

brother I could still fuck his tight little ass.  Watching my brother

get sucked off put me over the edgeand I shot my biggest load ever

up Brians ass.  Soon after, my brother shot his load and even Brian

jacked himself off to shoot right into my waiting mouth.  With that

I left them to clean up and I never told anyone about them ditching

or what I saw them doing.  Since then Brian has started sleeping

over more often and after my brother has his fun with him, he's all



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