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Archive-name: FirstGay/ftg462.txt


Archive-title: first time

I was about 16 yrs old and was in the mountains with my family. We

had to double up to keep warm...there was snow on the ground and

the cabin we rented (sight unseen) was cold as hell...the fireplace

was not older brother was home from college and was spending

the  holidays with us...he had changed alot...much bigger and broader

than i remembered...the bed we shared was too small or he was too

big...i tried to toss and turn but his big legs and arms seemed everywhere

..soon it was dark and I could no longer hear the creaking of the

upstairs floorboards so i figured just about everyone was asleep..i

had to lie still, there just was no room to move... i felt my brother

stir just a little...i held my breath...i felt his hand laying just

where my cock was in my cock began to get hard and without

my touching anything my cock came out of the slit in the front of

my pajamas...i kept my eyes closed and breathed slowly in and out...i

felt my brother sliding down in the bed..i thought should i laugh

or poke him or just lay there?....he slid further and further down

the bed..i opened one eye and saw his legs were practically on the

floor and his head was almost on my stomach...i just layed there

and wondered what the fuck..was he dreamin or what...i could see

him inching down further and soon felt his breath on the head of

my cock...i couldn't help cock began to bounce..i always

knew i had a very big cock for my age when i was in a buddies garage

after school a few years back and a bunch of us guys compared cock

sizes...i won hands down...mine was so fat the guys all tried to

put their hands around it. They could hold it in both hands and some

still popped over the top....i was thinking if my brother wakes up

and realizes where he is...hes gonna kill me for not waking him up...i

was thinking this when i felt my cock slide into his mouth and down

his throat...i never felt anything like it in my life before...he

went all the way down and never made a sound...he went back and forth

so quietly and slowly neither of us moved...i couldn't help it..i

began to moan and was catching my breath when i shot and shot and

shot...he never took my cock out of his throat...i think i passed

out...or something...i remember..slowly opening my eyes and he was

back up on the bed next to me. I fell asleep thinking i had dreamed

the whole thing....but the next night was even better....


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