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Archive-name: FirstGay/ftg435.txt


Archive-title: first time

My first time was when i was 17.  I had just moved here from Massachusetts

 and was going to USC.  I had an inkling that i liked guys, but had

never acted on it except for hanging around the Olympic pool alot

(which had just been built).  I didn't have a car yet and found my

way around the city via the bus.  I was very tan, very lean and attractive

 with a young face, deep blue eyes and dark blond hair.  i was on

the rtd bus on the sunset strip headed towards beverly hills when

i noticoticed a very large, well muscled man sitting in the next

aisle.  even seated, i could tell he must have been almost 7 feet

tall.  broad shoulders, huge chest, and a tight polo shirt and tight

jeans.  every time i looked over i noticed him smiling at me.  we

got off at the same spot, near the beverly hills hotel.  i went to

use the payphone, the whole time watching him, and he came over to

me and started making small talk.  gave me his number, told me to

call him sometime if i wanted to come over for a beer.  then he discreetly

 grabbed my crotch and told me that i was a hot young boy and he'd

really like to stick his big cock up my ass.  i was really nervous

about him in a way, because he seemed so full of himself and aggressive.

 i called him a few days later and he invited me over that night

after school.  i couldn't concentrate on anything that afternoon.

 i took the bus to sunset and fairfax, where he said his apartment

was, and he met me outside.  he told me that, unfortunately, his

roomate was home and wouldn't leave, and did i mind.  i sort of did,

but at the same time i was so attracted to this guy that i wasn't

about to let that ruin it, so i said that it was okay.  we walked

me into the living room and, after closing the door behind him, grabbed

me around the waist and pushed me over to the wall, leaning down

and giving me the biggest, hottest, wettest man's kiss i've ever

had.  i saw his roomate, who was also a hunk but a little smaller,

watching us from the couch in the living room.  this 7 foot total

stud had a futon mattress in the middle of the living room floor

and walked me over to it, telling me what a pretty young boy i was

and how he just wanted me so badly.  we laid down together and he

pulled off his shirt and jeans.  he was wearing white briefs and

they were more stuffed than i had ever seen anything in my life.

 he placed his hand on the back of my head and shoved it towards

his crotch, pulling it out with his other hand.  it was only semi-hard,

but it was (this is not an exaggeration or wishful thinking) no less

than nine inches in that halfway state, and so fat that it was hard

to get the end of it in my mouth.  he took his fingers and opened

up the mouth, sticking the head of it in, and holding my head on

it.  i gagged a lot, and he ended up just rubbing it all over my

face, the whole time playing with my ass.  he pulled my clothes off

of my, leaned over me, looked in my eyes and told me that he wanted

to fuck me.  i got nervous and told him that i really didn't do this

sort of thing very much, and had never been fucked.  he told me that

he didn't do this very much either (which got a snicker from his

roomate, who was still staring at us) but that he really had to have

my ass.  he got down on my balls and just licked the hell out of

them, and my ass, getting it all slurpy and wet.  he lubed his huge

cock, which was now definitely 10" and hard, and put my ankles up

on his shoulders.  as he stuck the head in i screamed, but he held

me tight and i couldn't move.  he stuck his mouth on mine, stuck

his tonge in my mouth, and continued to shove it in my, telling me

to jerk my dick and to take it like a man.  the pain was unbearable

and i could feel his huge cock stretching my ass further and further.

 the more i moaned and asked him to stop, the more excited he got

and further into me he got.  he told me how fucking hot i was, how

i was going to get all of his cock, what a tight fucking pussy college

boy i was, how he wanted to blow his load up my ass, etc., and just

rammed me.  it started to not hurt as much and looking up at this

total stud on top of me, just taking me, using my ass for his pleasure

really sort of turned me on.  i saw his face get red and strained,

the sweat dripping of it onto mine.  i saw his roomate jerking his

cock on the couch watching the whole thing.  he started to moan and

move eratically, and suddenly my ass felt wet.  the thick white gobs

of athletic stud come filled my ass with tremendous pressure.  he

just kept fucking and draining himself, finaly pulling out.  we laid

there for a second, and he gave me my clothes and told me i'd have

to leave.  i remember being pissed at him and thinking he was a pig

and hoping i'd never see him again.  i felt used and really gross.

 that feeling lasted for about 2 days.  that was almost 10 years

ago, and i don't think i've ever had a time as hot as that again.

 truly the hottest body and the biggest, fattest dick i've ever seen.


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