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Archive-name: FirstGay/ftg434.txt


Archive-title: My first

I considered myself straight for most of my life but one day that

all changed. I was working in an office owned by this young couple,

both fit and gorgeous and I was strangely attracted to not only the

woman but the man. I had never experienced this before and I arrainged

to be there late one saturday nite. I had to know what this feeling

was and when the woman left to go home, I was alone with this man.

He was about 29, 6'1, and 180 lbs. of trim body. He was at his desk,

working as I fixed the copier(my job). I turned to look at him and

he was wearing short cut-offs and his cock was straining the material

to get out. He looked up at me, saw me staring and I thought I was

through. See something you like," he asked? I stammered,"I don't

know". He stood up and asked if I had ever been with a man before.

I answered no, but I think I would be ready if he would like to show

me. Crossing the floor, he took my head in his hands and pulled my

lips to his. I felt strange, opening my mouth to a man's tongue,

but at the same time, my cock shot up to rock hard. He reached down

with one hand and grabbed my dick, mumbling something about, yes,

I was ready. He pulled my polo shirt over my head and began to bite

and suck my nipples and chest. I gasped as the feelings washed over

me and reached for his cock. It was peeking out of his shorts and

had the biggest head I had ever seen on a cock. It must have been

9 hard inches and I knew my first time would be wonderful. I fell

to my knees and mouthed his dick through the tight denim feeling

the shaft jump and twitch. I unzipped the shorts and pulled them

down. His cock sprang out at my face and I wasted no time in licking

it. Never having done this before, I was unsure of how to proceed,

but he sais, "just open your lips and cover your teeth". He gently

placed one hand behind my head and with the other feed me that beautiful

bone. I strained to open wide enough for it to pass my lips. He was

gently, not forcing me but steadily pushing more and more of his

cock in my mouth. He started to withdraw it and my spit glistened

as it popped out. I took it back myself and started to slowly slide

it in     out     in     out, gently sucking. my hand went to the

base and stroked what wouldn't fit into my mouth and then carressed

his balls. I left his dick and took his balls, one at a time into

my mouth. As my balls are sensitive, I sucked gently, not wanting

to hurt him. He pressed my face tighter against his crotch and moaned.

I returned to his cock, feeling now that I knew what to do. I sucked

and licked, harder, faster and just as I felt him tighten, I heard

a voice behind me. The woman said, "Just a few more strokes and you'll

taste the finest cum in the world!"

Sure enough, he erupted in my mouth. I tried to swallow, but cum

was dribbling down my chin and his balls faster then I could. He

grabbed my head and plunged all the way into my throat. I couldn't

move, he was holding me so tight and I found it hard to breathe.

Wave after wave of sweet cum flooded my throat. He didn't move for

what seemed like minutes, just tightly gripping my head, face pressed

into his pubes. Suddenly I felt the woman, kneeling next to me, licking

my chin and his balls, cleaning up the cum I had let drip out. I

was re released and I turned to kiss the softess pair of lips I had

ever kissed. She lick my mouth out, sucking her man's cum from my

mouth and her tongue seemed to be deep in my throat. We parted and

she smiled. "I'm glad I came back," she said. And winked.

We went back to their home and sucked, fucked and enjoyed each others

bodies all nite.

Since that nite, I have always enjoyed both females and males, often

and alot!

H. H.


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