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Archive-name: FirstGay/ftg431.txt


Archive-title: first time

I was 14 yrs old and my folks decided to put an apartment over the

garage and i watched the trucks and workers come and go on my way

to and from school. I noticed a couple of really hunky dudes all

buffed out and it was a hot summer and by noon most of the guys had

their shirts off and would stop working when i would come out of

the house and look up at them on my way to school. My hair was very

blonde then and my eyes are dark blue. I used to get alot of looks

from girls and a few from the guys but i really noticed one guy on

the roof in particular with the biggest bulge in his levis and i

would go in my bedroom and look out the window which if i opened

the window you could climb out onto the beams they were putting up

for the garage. One saturday the men were off and i took a shower

and layed on my bed nude and got a tremendous hard on...what does

a kid do? i was about to turn 15 and the cum was already quite a

load. I was pulling on my cock and lickin my lips when i heard a

noise, i looked up and saw the guy with the bulge standing outside

my window looking at me with a smile on his face and he was rubbing

his crotch. I sat up in bed and he stuck his head inside and whispered

"ok if i join you?" I shrugged my shoulders and he came in and took

of his boots and pants a what was hanging there made my cock rise

immediatly. He reached for my cock and got on his knees by the side

of the bed, i was sitting up and he was between my legs and he stuck

my cock in his mouth and started sucking me off. I was in heaven.

I could not believe how good it felt. I was about to shoot and told

him so. He pulled off and stood up and the cock he had in my face

was to this day one of the biggest thiest i have ever seen. I tried

to get it in my mouth.I licked the sides and the huge head, he smiled

and the more i relaxed and forgot about him being there the more

i tried to get it down my throat, but i couldn't. He layed me back

on the bed and started lickin my balls and when he got to my asshole

and started licking that I opened my legs wide. I had never had anything

in my asshole except a finger when i jacked off and his tongue really

made my asshole on fire. I didn't care what he did. He lifted my

legs and tried to spit on his cock and put it in my ass, but no go.

Then he rolled me over and asked if there was any vasaline in the

bathroom cabinet, i said yes and laying there on my stomach i could

hear him in the bathroom taking the lid off the jar. When he came

back he put his finger in my ass, then played for awhile, then two

fingers and i was in heaven. I started to move my ass to the rythmn

of his fingers and soon his big frame was on top of me and at first

i thought i could never take it but he kept telling me to relax and

just let it slide in. FInally what seemed like an hour i could feel

his massive meat sliding in and out of my asshole. When all of a

sudden i began to enjoy the pain. THe pain then went away and i felt

something so strange i will never forget it. As he was fucking me,

I shot my cum all over the bed. I didn't even touch myself, his fucking

my ass was so good i forgot and let go. He soon began to breath hard

and was kissing the back of my neck and shoulders, he slid his cock

out and started to moan and shot his juice all over my ass and back.

Over and over and over i felt the cum spurt out on me. He fell on

top of me again and we layed there for what seemed like days.

I am 23 now and never forgot that first time. There is more about

him and me, but i gotta jack off now.


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