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Archive-name: FirstGay/ftg430.txt


Archive-title: Chad

      I was fifteen and on the swim team.  I knew I liked

boys, but I didn't know what to do about it.  I just knew that

I had to hide the hard-ons I'd get in the shower around all

those cute swimmer bodies.  There was one boy, Chad, who I

particularly liked, and he seemed to return the heat I was

giving off through my shyness.

      One day, Chad came up to me and said, "You know, I've

been watching you swim, and you'd do a lot better if you were

looser.  A guy I know showed me some relaxation exercises--you

want to try them?"

      Well, of course, I did, so Chad had me meet him at his

house one afternoon when no one else was home.  He had me lie

down on his bed, and he held up a large glass prism on a

string, the kind the light shines through and breaks into

rainbow colors on the other side.  Chad told me to concentrate

on the prism and listen to his voice.  I thought this was all

kind of silly, but I did as I was told.  As Chad talked slowly

and softly I found myself relaxing and my eyes closing.  Soon,

even though I thought I could get up and walk away at any

time, my body felt completely relaxed and I was totally

concentrating on Chad's voice.

      "Now, John, I want you to imagine yourself swimming the

best race of your life," Chad said.  "You are feeling very

strong, and your strokes come easily.  You are gliding through

the water, and you are way ahead of all the other swimmers.

Now, when I tell you to, I want you to get up and show me how

well you can swim when you're completely relaxed.  You'll take

off your clothes and swim without a suit, because no one else

is around, and you'll feel terrific."

      It went just as Chad had said.  I got up, stripped, and

dove in the pool.  It felt wonderful, and I was truly swimming

the best I ever had.  I climbed out of the pool to see Chad

beaming at me.  "You see," he said.  "It works!  Now, the guy

showed me one other thing.  You want to try it?"

      At that point I was willing to try anything, especially

for hunky Chad!  Chad had me dry off and stretch out on a deck

chair, still nude.  He told me to close my eyes, and go back

into my

deeply relaxed state.  I did as I was told.

      Then, Chad said, "Now, part of great athletic

performance is sexual energy.  Tell me truthfully, have you

ever had sex with anyone but yourself."

      I shook my head.  Chad continued, "Good.  I want you to

think of your body as an energy field, and I want you to move

all of your energy to your cock and balls.  Concentrate on

doing that, on letting it all flow to your crotch."

      It didn't take much work to do that.  Soon, my cock was

harder than it had ever been.

      "Now, when I touch your cock and balls, I want you to

let all that energy back into your body as sexual energy, and

open your eyes.  Do you understand?"

      I shuddered and nodded.  There was a pause.  It seemed

like an eternity.  Suddenly, I felt a warm, wet feeling on my

cock, while a hand cupped my balls.  The energy shot through

me like a bolt of electricity.  My eyes popped open to see

Chad, naked, sucking my cock.  I was wild with passion.  Chad

quickly swung around, and his seven incher slipped easily into

my mouth.  Within seconds, we both had sweet loads from the

other's balls.

      I never became a champion swimmer, but Chad and I sure

became champions at sex.


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