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Archive-name: FirstGay/ftg416.txt


Archive-title: My First Time

I hope that I can get this in with a 100 lines.  But if you poor

suffering bastyards are looking for a FIRST TIME I have it for you.

 Let me introduce myself,  my name is Dave and I am 21 years old,

(everything is legal now right?) and I am using a firends computer

to tell you this story.  You have my promise that every word of it

is fucking true to life or I am a bastard of my uncles nephew.

        I saw him again for the first time in five years at the recent

festival up in.A.  I recognized hime immediately,  he had a little

round beelly now where there used to be a ripple stomach.  He also

had less hair.....alot less.....and I had lot more hair...aLot

places it didn't used to be when we first met.

        When I w 13 he was a counselor for the YMCA during the summer.

 He was very popular at the time  (I hope to God you can readhis

stuff because it looks like CRAP on my screen here)  He was not popular

in the trendy sort of way, he had his own ideas and way of dress

and didn't give a rat's ass about what other's thought.  He lived

by the beach and many of us would come down and crash for the weekend

at his place....There were alsways people around, college age boys

and girls anmd juniour high age also.  It was a cool place to get

away from the folks for the weekends.

        I was messmierized by dicks and there were always dicks hangin

loose and flying in the breeze as kids changed out of wetsuits and

showerd and rand from one room to the next to grab some clothes.

Somehow his roommates put up with it.  Frequently some of us would

ditch school and spend the day at the crash pad playing silly junior

high games like "Truth or Dare" and getting someone to walk outside

with their finger up their butt.

        The first time for most of my sexual expereinces were with

the guy in this houseWe were taking a shower toegether , (to save

water) and while we soaped each other down I felt his fucking cock

for the first time I had felt I rubbed it down with

soap suddenly by own hairless, pencil thin stump spewed sperm all

over his belly.  He laughed, and that night we shared a bed together.

        I later  as my parents got drunk and fought through the weekend

nights I would hitch a ride, or catch a bus and end up spending the

night with him.  Craddled safe in his arms.  I learned half of the

sexual tricks I now from him.  The rest I picked up on the street

and from various other friends.  But for the the next three years

I was soundly addicted to cock juice.  The first time he blew me

we had been swimming in the ocean, nude, (I had an errection the

entire fucking time) we went back to his place with towels arounds

us and as I let my towel drop, my stiff prick, with cottone ball

fuzz around the base, was standing strap, lying flat point towards

my navel, with a clearly pearly drop on the tip.  (Now mind you I

was on my feet and my cock was so hard that it hurt when he pried

it way from my belly and wrapped his greedly lips around it.  I was

in extascy.....when I ot, standing on my feet, it went straight up

into the air and hit me square in the fuckin face that had been watching

the bastard's head bob on the knob.

        Anyway, on the first time.  I recognised him and he didn't

recognise me.  I scooted over to his side, pinched his buns and good

gave him a tiwst of the fist and he jumped.  There was a look of

surprise and pain on his face which were to repeated later in the


        We got to talking and he recognised me.  We shared a few

beers together, he told his friends that he was going to leave withsomeone

 else and we left together in my Porche (no not new idiots, its a

74 but it is HOT!!!!!) Going around the intercection surve off the

210 freeway he again had the look of pleasure and pain....I have

done that curve at 110 mph but because I had been drinking I held

it to 90...the G forces are a fuckin thrill on that one)  We got

        We got to my place, went on up, and began to relive the passions

of yesterday.  (Once i our past I had come 7 times in a night)  We

had a few more beers, did some coke, and moved out adventure from

the livingroom-den area, into the shower and on to bed.

        Sometime in the night, I fucked up, (a trick should ALWAYS

make the partner come first)  I shot my fuckin wad and he was still

hard and eagar.  I had to excuse myself to go to the john, (take

a piss) d get a drink of water from the kitchen.  Then it hit, the

overshelming awful feeliing that I had had years ago with him as

a kid who was struggling with his identity and need for nourishing.

        It was then that a "first time" experience occured to me.

 One that had NEVER been done before in the history of mankind.

This was fuckin good, this was bitchin awsome, this outragiously

aswful.  (I loved it and got immediately hard again)

        I had learned every fuckin trick in the god damned book in

my brief years from "Turkish Delight" to the "Istambul Tumble" to

the mystical magis of the "Bahli Bust".  this was a HIGH bred so

to speack.

        On the way back to the bedroom and his pulsating prick I

stopped by the candy dish, the refrigerator and the bathroom.  I

seettled into bedd next to him and began to nug his lifeless prick

and himself in the process back to life.  (Come one the fucker is

an old fart he is at least 26 and is losing his edge after four times

already.  I gently wrapped my lips around the acorn shapped top of

pick fleshed shaft and swirled my tongue over the sensitive crown

and brought a look of pleasure and pain to now red eyes.

        Over the next half hour I defftly licked the underside like

a bee at a flower.  Imassaged the smooth hairless insides of his

loins and tickeled his tight moist butt hole with my little finger.

 I gradully brought him to a harder and harder state until the purlple

head of prick was radiating the hot heat of my mouth and assumed

a living furnice power of its own.  He has developing a light sweat

all over his body, the sheets were beginning to get wet.

        He would keep trying to lick and suck my hard cock, which

for the first time since I was 13 was again laying flat, hard, and

painfully stiff against the taught rippled muscles of my abdomimn.

I allowed him to likck and to tease.  But I was not going to loose

my edge this time...hHAD to come first... I would guarattee it or

else my plan would not work.  The fuckin bastard deverced all I was

Message #417

To: continuation


What kind of a sbhitty , chincken ass system is this????It sure the

fhell alin't like any fucking word porcessor I had used before.

It has all kinds of wierd thinggs interrupppinting, and siyin something

has logged on and there is no way go back and coreect mistakes that

you have made.  zForgive me people, I do not have the best of educationals

thanks to this shitty state of Calif and without a "spell-check"

I am lost .....but I hope you figure this fuckin ass espitle out.

        Anyway back to "My First Time"  I had this cock sucker hotter

than he had ever been before in his entire life.  And I was fuckin

hot too,  so hard my balls ached and the crown of my prick head was

glowing a deep, deep purple like it was going to bust a vien.

        He would hungerly, eargarly, lick and then try to suck my

stiff rod.  I would pull it away before I even felt the first spasm.

 I told him,"  This one's for you, for all you've done, and taught

me, and how you've made my life what it is to day....I own it all

to you....I want to be the oragsim, the jism, the ectasy of a lifetime."

        Gently straddling over his crotch I deep throated his cock

and then let it slid, slipperty and smooth out of my mouth, feeling

the heat, like the asphalt at the fesitval searing our feet, searing

my lips as they rode slowly over the slip at the tip....I could honestly

feel steam from the bastards tool striking my face.

        As I bob-slobbed his knob.  I worked the candy dish with

the cocain under his hanging ball sack.  I gently, carefulliy worked

the white powder into the red groove as it slowly cut it way up.

 Then at his thrusting, squirming, moaning moment of orgasim I a

applied the "Eskimo Snowball" with the ice from the kitchen.  HIs

ball sack convulsed, shrank, contracted and squeezed.  He twitch

twitched like he has being electirifed by a high voltage wire.  It

popped out, only one (I had expected two) and with swift cut I released

the red kite from its two strings.  I had this fucker worked out

to perfection.  Plunging my hair covered hip towards his face I said,

"QUICK SWALLOW"  I popped his own gonad into his mouth and in the

greedy gulp of a moment it was on his way to his belly.

        I'm sure he fell asleep thinking he had swallowed one hell

of a wad from my tight  sweaty, asssed balls.  The coke had killed

the pain.  There was almost no bleeding, God only knows why...(hmmmmcan

you poast a question like that somewhere....Is there a medical board????)

 Only the Ice and Sweat and fresh Cum had left the sheets a mess.

 I left to return to festival at noon.  When I came back he was gone

        God....I get off regualar on the thought of that night.

Know Im working out the payback for the mother=fuckin- shithead who

introduced my to coke.  He was a chicken hawk that a condo by the

Belmont pier.  He used to suck my cock for coke.  (has a rhythem

to it doen't it)  Anyway the Y guy got me into my trade, the Belmont

guy got my into my addiction.  Ahhhh  How sweet it is.

        I post more firsts  (I've had dozens on the the streeets

of LA) next time I get on this shitty assed friends computer



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