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Archive-name: FirstGay/ftg412.txt


Archive-title: first time

my first time was not to long ago, i was going home from school and

two friends on bikes drove by and skidded to a stop and splashed

mud over my pants and shoes. I fuckin blew it, i started to really

get pissed off, since i am very much bigger than these two guys they—k

thought i meant it when i said i would clean up the street with them.

They started to beg me to forgive them, i played around and said

only (I was joking) only if they sucked my dick! They stopped dead

in their tracks and looked at each other like a secret message was

goin on and they both got a big grin and said "ok" one of the guys

said hop on my bike and we'll go to Dave's garage. I really thought

all the time they were really going to just let me get the mud off

and then give me a ride home. We got to the garage and i started

to clean up in the laundry sink, i took off my shirt and both guys

came around and started undoing my pants, i said "cool it dudes,

don't touch anything unless you mean it" They kept it up and i was

sitting in a chair watching these two guys undoing my tennis shoes

and then they noticed my cock had fallen out of my boxer shorts and

they said...."how about that blow job now?" i can't remember what

i said...but they got on their knees and started sucking my cock,

one on the cock and the other one licking my balls, my cock went

up like a rod. They both were amazed at how big it was and asked

me to stand up. They licked and sucked and i fuckin couldn't believe

it. Soon i relaxed enought to feel my juices comming up from my balls

and one guy was sucking the hell out of my cock and i said"hold it

man, its gonna blow" they licked both sides of my cock and i shot

a fuckin load i could'nt believe, all over their faces. AS i remember

(a little vague now) i think they licked each others face. Shall

i tell you what else happened with these two guys later on?


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