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Archive-name: FirstGay/ftg409.txt


Archive-title: Scouts

My first sex ever happened at a scout camp.  One night while the

usual story telling was going on with all the lights out, there were

six of us in a large tent.  It was hot and we were mostly nude and

out of our sleeping bags.  After the usual ghost stories, one of

the guys told us a story about walking in on his older brother while

he was fucking a girl.  I had just started to get pubes and hardons

all the time and this was no exception.  Thinking about walking in

on them and seeing the guys dick go in and out was really a turn

on.  After a while I found out it was for several of us.  I left

the tent to take a pee I said and another guy left shortly after

me.  His name was Jack and I had a giant crush on him and used to

beat off thinking about him all the time.  Well, as I was standing

at the edge of the forest, waiting to make sure the coast was clear

so I could jack off, I heard Jack peeing behind me what sounded like

a safe distance.  I started to stroke my boycock faster and faster

when all of a sudden there was Jack, right behind me.  I hadn't heard

him at all and I tried to stuff my prick into my jockies without

much success.  Jack didnt say a word, dropped to his knees and took

my cock into his hand and then into his mouth.  I had never felt

that warmth before and I couldn't believe how great it felt.  He

only sucked for a few minutes before I came in his mouth, all of

this in total silence.  I turned and went back to the tent leaving

Jack to do whatever he was going to do.  I still had a hardon when

I climbed into bed.  The stories had ended and all I could think

of was that warm mouth on my prick.  Jack came back in a few minutes

and went to his bed.  We found a way to do it again each of the next

five nights we were there and then I never saw him again.


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