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Archive-name: FirstGay/ftg399.txt


Archive-title: Brother in Law

This is not about my first time, but rather my brother-

in-law's.  My sister Karen is drop dead gorgeous, and

she always got the hottest looking guys.  Well when she

met Jeff she fell head over heels in love.  Jeff is (in

my opinion) a greek god come to life.  He is 6'2" 190

and solid as a rock with piercing blue eyes and jet

black hair.

Karen and Jeff got married about 7 months ago.  It was

a killer bash at the reception.  My dad went all out

because he really liked Jeff (the whole family did) and

it was his only daughter.  This was my first time that

I saw what Karen really liked about Jeff.  In the mens

room I was taking a piss as my new brother -in-law

strolled up to the urinal next to me.  I couldn't help

but sneak a peak (he was shit faced drunk, I could of

drew a picture of his dick and he wouldn't have known).

My god is was about 4-5 inches soft and uncut.  I was

staring at it forever as he just happily pissed away.

I was jeaslous of Karen all my life because she got

everything she wanted..and now she has the perfect man

too..boy was I bummed.

Jeff became like a real brother to me in the comming

months.  He never had any brothers or sister so he

would come over to my apartment to watch football or if

he needed to get out of the house.  He was great and

there was one thing that I admired about him more than

anything else was the way he treated me.  I think he

really appreciated our family and how we welcomed him

in...He was always telling me how much he loved us all.

It was about 6 months into the marriage that Karen had

to go to New York for a week.  Jeff couldn't go because

of work and it was the first time since they were

married that they were apart for that long.  I got a

call from Jeff saying he wanted to come over if that

was okay with me.  I told him of course and he said he

would pick up a 12 pack of bud and we could watch TV.

Jeff came over and we immediately began to down the

brew.  I am a lightwieght at drinking, three beers is

my limit.  Jeff on the other hand has a hollow leg and

he drank the other 9 beers.  This is when he started to

talk to me about Karen... How much he missed her, how

they fuck everynight and how he is so fucking horny

with out her.  At this point I am not thinking about

sex I felt bad for him and tried to get his mind off of

it.  Jeff admitted to me that the one thing that really

pisses him off was that Karen doesn't like to give

head.  I joked with Jeff telling him that he is a lucky

man to have my sister and gave him a friendly shove.

Well that was it for Jeff.  Football in college,

wrestling in high school, Jeff liked horse play and my

gentle shove was a red flag.  He pushed me to the floor

and we jockyed for position .  I may be three inches

shorter but I'm no pussy (plus he did have nine beers).

I had him down and he got really intense and flipped me

over and sat on my chest.  He surprised the hell out of

me, but what surprised me more was the giant hard on in

his shorts.  I just stared at it as he held my arms

down.  God it was huge, it looked like he was trying to

steal a salami by hiding it in his shorts.  Jeff was

still very intense and just held me there until he

realized I was looking at his cock.  He said all this

horse play and Karen being away has made him hard.  I

looked into those steel blue eyes and somehting inside

me said "go for it."

I lifted my legs and stradled his chest forcing him to

the ground.  That caught him by complete surprise, but

my next manuvere really surprised him.  I grabbed his

dick through the thin fabric of his shorts and told him

I wanted to take care of it for him.  He didn't say a

word, he just relaxed and dropped his arms.  I got out

from under him and quickly pulled off his shorts.  Man

that quick look in the bathroom was nothing compared to

this.  It was 10 inches and fat from tip to base with a

big mushroom head.  His balls were huge and hairy.  I

slowly jacked his dick and he just layed back and

moaned.  He was horny!  He closed his eyes and put his

hands behind his head.  This was my chance.  I moved my

head down so my lips were just above the tip of that

fat monster.  I stuck out my tougue and licked the tip.

Jeff moaned but no reaction, this was my green light.

I opened my mouth and started to suck that big monster.

Jeff rose up and started to push me off, but I held

fast and he relaxed..Guess he really wanted to get

sucked off!..  I slowly worked his fat tool into my

throat and sunk down deep on the lenght of his shaft.

I was 3/4 of the way down the lenght and then took it

all down my throat.  "God Damn" Jeff said.  I knew he

liked it.  I slupped on his fat cock for a while and

let it out of my mouth to get to his big balls.  I

slowly jacked his fat rod as I sucked one of his balls

into my throat and gently worked it with my tongue.

Jeff was moaning loudly now, he approved.  I got bold

and asked him if he wanted to go to my bedroom.  He got

up and asked me where I learned to suck cock like that

and I told him that I knew how to suck cock but never

had one like that.  He smiled and we moved to my bed.

Message #402

To: All

Subject: Brother in Law part II

He layed back and was expecting me to suck him some

more...wrong.  I had gone this far so I decided to try

all I could.  I lifted his ass and began to rim him.

He was surprised but didn't stop me.  I licked his

moist sweaty asshole for all I was worth.  My tounge

was doing it's job becaue Jeff was wriggling around

like a cat with his tail on fire.  Then I stopped and

worked my middle finger in.  He yelpped but didn't stop

me.  I slowly had him grinding to my finger fucking

motions as he beat off.  I had him so hot I thought

there was no stopping so I ask him if he liked it.  He

told me that he had never felt anything like this

before.  I smiled and told him it gets better.

I grabbed some lube and slicked up my cock.  He just

wathced me and continued to beat off.  I told him I

wanted to fuck him.  He looked at me kinda funny like I

really didn't have to ask.  I smiled and leaned in as

he lifted his legs.  It was a rough beginning.  I am 7"

and very thick..I could tell it was a little painful

but we took it slow.  Jeff relaxed more and more and I

had my cock up his ass and began to pump him.  He went

nuts.  I must be hitting your prostrate, I told him..He

was lost in extascy..he didn't care what it was that

was happening he just wanted more.  I gave it to him.

I quickened the pace and really went at it.  Jeff's

eyes were open and I could see that he was lost in

pleasure.  He quicked his pace of jacking off.  I'm

gonna cum he said and boy did he ever.  Stream after

hot sticky stream shot out of that big piece of meat.

All over his chest and stomach.  The sight of this got

me to the boiling point and I came too.  I colapsed on

to Jeff and his river of cum.  We were one big sticky

sweaty mess...and we loved it.  I looked at him and

decided to finish off with a kiss.  I genltey brushed

hs lips with my tongue and he sucked me in.  Man could

he kiss.  Never in my life, Jeff said, have I felt this

way...that was fucking incredible.  He held me in his

storng arms and just rocked me as we both fell asleep.

I woke up about 3 AM to the sound of the shower.  Jeff

was in there washing off the dried cum and cleaning up.

I thought he would want to bolt out of there.  He must

have sobered up and realized his brother-in-law just

fucked him.  I wanted to die.  Jeff saw I was up and

opend the shower door.  "Room for one more" he said.

Jeff comes over a lot to watch football and basketball

and stuff....he no longer brings beer..we don't need it



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