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Archive-name: FirstGay/ftg396.txt


Archive-title: My First Guy

It was the summer of '77, I was 15 and about to turn 16. I was elected

Senior Patrol leader and as such had to go to summer camp a week

before the rest of the troop. The extra week was a special training

session for all senior scouts. I and the Assistant Senior Patrol

Leader had gone to camp. We were the same age. All the senior scouts

who had attended were assigned camp sites at the locations where

their troops would camp when they arrived the following week. Consequently

the camp sites were secluded. My assistant and I set-up camp. It

included setting-up large tents over wooden platforms. Each tent

was large enough to stand-up in and had opening on either end of

the tent. Each tent also had two cots. Our site was located next

to the latren and showers. We had brought provisions, which included

two six packs of beer, pot, and Playboy and Husler! (Hey, we had

to be at camp two weeks!) Our first day was long, so we crashed early.

Laying on the cots in our sleeping bags, we drank some beer,

smoked some pot, and fingered the skin mags we brought. I became

extremely horny! I was stoned AND drunk (I was a light weight, okay??)

I remember getting an erection, but too embarassed to do anything

with it. I didn't want the other dude to think I was a purvert or

something. But, as I lay there, looking at my Husler, I would occassionall

y look at George (my assistant). All I could see was from his chest

up, but he wasn't wearing a shirt. He was laying on his back, one

arm under his head, the other holding his Playboy. I discreetly watched

from the corner of my eye as I checked out his smooth chest and the

growth of hair in his arm pit. I thought how nice he looked, so smooth,

yet lean. I fantasized about how the rest of his body must look--his

stomach, ass, and cock. The next afternoon, I got my chance to check

it out. After a long day, we were both sweaty and dirty. We had gone

to the showers to wash the day's dirt from our bodies. Naked, we

stood under the showers. My shower head was droopy and wouldn't stay

up, so I had to hold it with one hand while attempting to wash my

hair with the other. George offered to assist by holding the shower

head while I washed my hair. As he held it, I lathered up my hair.

I had my eyes closed while I messaged my scalp. With the warm water

running down my body, my cock began to slowly become erect. At first

I tried to keep it from getting hard, but, thought, what the hell,

if George didn't like it, the worst he could do was refuse to hold

the shower head. I washed the soap from my hair and eyes. Once I

could see, I noticed George also had an erection. We finished our

shower and hit the sack. That night, as usual, we had the latern

burning while we lay in our sleeping bags flipping through our skin

mags. We we laying on our backs in our sleeping bags. We were just

wearing our underwear. (We both wore boxers). As we checked out the

curvy lines and fussy pussies, we passed a joint between us. We each

had a bottle of beer set on the floor within easy reach, but the

beer was slowly going flat. But I was still able to catch a buzz

from the beer and pot. Again, I got an erection, but this time, I

noticed George was masturbating. Although he was exposed only from

his chest up, I could see his hand move up and down in his crotch

area under his sleeping bag. Without saying anything, I too began

to stroke my cock. I wanted to see if I could arouse George's curiosity,

so I unzipped my sleeping bag down to my crotch, and slid my shorts

down to my thighs, exposing my hard erection. As I stroked it, I

noticed George occassionally looking over at my cock while I stroked

it. Eventually, he unzipped his sleeping bag and also slid his shorts

down to his thighs. He had a somewhat smooth body and nice little

bush. His cock was long, thick, and cut. But his body was very firm!

We began to watch each other's cock as we stroked off. I asked him

if he wanted to try my cock, he said sure. We moved our cots close

together and laid on top of our sleeping bags after removing our

shorts. He reached over and grasped my cock and began to slowly stroke

it. I also grasped his and began to message his shaft.  Eventually

our hips began to thrust up and down until I blew my wad first, then

he blew his. The next night, we agreed to get each other off. After

finishing our last beers and smoking a joint or two, we were ready.

But this time, George wanted to try a blow job. I sat on the edge

of the cot, my thighs spread wide, I leaned back and rested on my

hands behind me. He knelt down between my knees. Both of us naked,

he took my cock in his hand, messaged it to an erection, then licked

it a few times, then slowly slid his lips around my head, then took

my shaft into his mouth. He took my entire shaft until his nose was

buried in my bush. It wasn't very good at first, but he eventually

got the hang of it. It was my first blow job. He didn't want to swallow,

so just before I came, he removed my cock from his mouth and

jacked my cock until I came. He said it was my turn, but I wasn't

sure if I wanted to suck his cock. He had a nice cock, but, never

giving head before, I was alittle aprehensive. He said he didn't

want me to suck him. He said he wanted to fuck my cock. I laid on

the cot as he crawled between my thighs and laid on top of me. I

liked the feeling of his body pressed against mine. I wrapped my

legs around his as he pressed his cock against mine and pressed his

stomach against mine. I wrapped my arms around him and his around

mine. He began to slowly thrust his pelvis up and down. Being fucked

was a new experience. My hands slid down his firm back to his even

firmer ass! I squeezed and messaged his ass while his thrust became

faster and harder, presseing his cock against mine. Our lips became

closer and closer until our lips met. Our kiss was awkward at first,

but then we really got into it. He slid his tongue into my mouth

and I took it. I began to really suck his tounge as he fucked me

faster and harder. Our breathing became heavy. He began to moan and

that really turned me on! I asked him to fuck me, to fuck me like

a bitch! He started to talk dirty to me. I felt like his girlfriend!

Suddenly, he arched his back and with one last hard thrust, he blew

an incredible load that ejected from his cock, landing on my stomach

and face! Once he depleted his load, he laid back on top of me. We

just laid there, our bodies intertwined and stayed that way for a

while. Needless to say, the subsequent nights included similar foreplay.

And that was the first time I ever had sex with another dude! Man,

Boy Scouts was great!!


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