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Archive-name: FirstGay/ftg393.txt


Archive-title: My first time....

I always knew I led men, but here I was 22 years old having done

nothing about it except look longingly at the hot men and bodies

at the gym.  I knew I would have to do something soon or embarrass

myself while sitting in the steam room......but I digress.  I find

myself on a Hawaiian Air jet to Honolulu by myself....I had never

been to Hawaii, couldn't get any friend to commit to going so I thought

what the hell, I'll just go by myself....always in the back of my

mind that this might be my chance to meet some hot, horny stud and

loose my gay virginity (so to speak).  Because I was alone and the

flight was crowded, I was seated next to an older straight couple

probably in their mid-50's or early 60's.  I read my book and we

chatted on the flight over.  But, most of my attention was taken

by the male flight attendant....oh wow, he was my type and I had

a difficult time not just going to the rest room and jerking off

to that living fantasy.  He was about 32, dark hair, blue eyes with

a nice hard body.  He was wearing one of those Aloha shirts and his

pecs and arms were buldging out all over....he had a hairy chest

that I could see poking out over the top of that shirt....I saw those

blue eyes and felt my cock tingle......before I knew it, the flight

was over and we landed....I said goodbye to the flight attendant

and our eyes lingered for a few extra seconds as I left the plane,

our bodies brushing as I squeezed by him at the door.  I entered

the airport and sat down on a bench to get oriented and check out

my transportation to the hotel.  I was there a few minutes when I

heard a voice say "Hi.....where are your parents?"  I looked up and

there was that flight attendant, his crotch at my eye level....I

looked up at those piercingblue eyes and said, somewhat confused...

they are in LA, why.....he laughed and said he thought the older

couple I was sitting next to were my parents....we had a laugh about

that and he said he certainly would have paid more attention to me

if he knew I was alone....I told him "Well, I am alone now!"  After

a few minutes chatting, he offered to take me to my hotel in downtown

honolulu.....we got into his car and started the drive toward Waikiki

and really hit it off.....he knew where my hotel was located and

on the way patted my thigh.....I started getting hard under my shorts

and without underwear, it started to show.....We got to the hotel

and I asked him if he wanted to join me for a cocktail....he said

forget the "tail"...just check in....We got up to my room and I was

so excited, I had a little pre-cum wet spot on the front of my shorts...

the Flight attendant who had introduced himself as David had a hard

buldge in his crotch too....I closed the door to my room and we were

in each others arms.....I felt like I was home......I nervously told

him this was my first time....and it was a fantasy come true....He

gently kissed me and I just about camen my shorts....slowly, we laid

on the bed and undressed each smooth swimmers body

against his hairy buffed chest......we slowly kissed each other and

he laid me on my back, kissing my neck, nipples, and running his

tongue to my hard stiff cock.....he tongued my cock and balls and

I was ready to burst.....I wrestled him over and and went down on

his hard 8 inches, almost gagging at first......but getting used

to it real fast......It was then that I learned the real meaning

of 69'ing it.....we both licked and slurped each others cock and

balls 'till I moaned that I was ready to cum......I was so damed

hot and horney, finally getting to be WITH a hot man....I pulled

out of his mouth and shot all over his chest, my chest and the headboard..


he was on his knees over me, between my legs jerking his hot cock....

he threw back his head moaning and I started massaging his balls

with one hand and his nipples and chest with the other....his moans

got louder and finally he shot his heavy load all my cock, chest

and face......he collapsed on top of me, his hairy chest tickling

my still sensitive nipples......he had a few days off and we spent

a lot of time together....I had my fantasy and my week in Hawaii...

When I got back, I was no longer a virgin and often look back fondly

on my first time.


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