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Archive-name: FirstGay/ftg373.txt


Archive-title: MY FIRST TIME

A friend of mine and I and our girl friends had been playing strip

poker off and on for a few months and had gotten a little board with

it.  Well on evening my friend and his honey came over to the house

with a sex game played on a board.  If you did the wrong thing you

had to pick a card and do what it said, the cards were in two piles

one male one female.  They said things like kiss the person you came

with, pet the person oppsite you, go in the bedroom for 5 mins, take

off one piece of clothing etc. O evening the ladies were out for

a bithday party or shower and he showed up. we sat around and smoked

some and he said do you want to play "the GAME"?  I said sure and

the next thing you know we were playing and then we were playing!

I tried to loose the first round and soon had all my cloths on the

floor, I lost another and was on my knees infront of him, heart beating

faster than light about to lick my first cock.  The licking lasted

about one minute and I was into full on cock sucking and loving every

second.  What a suprise it was to find a cock is so smoooooth when

wet like that and it is in your mouth.  After a little time the precum

starts and that really tasted good, much to my suprise.

When I came up for air he asked how I liked it and of course I said

FINE and he said he wished to give it a try, guess what, we were

cock sucking buddies after that

  A few days later we tried butt fucking and I was in for another

suprise, I loved it!

Today I think the best way to spend an evening is with a cock in

your mouth and one in your ass for as long as the guys can take it.


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