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Archive-name: FirstGay/ftg372.txt


Archive-title: first time

was not too long ago - i am using my brothers computer (he dosen't

know i know what hes doing) about 6months ago i came home from high

school early and i guess i didn't make too much noise. i was sitting

in the kitchen when i heard noises comming from my older brothers

room. i went down the hall and listened at the door, sure enough

he was banging something, sounded like squeaks and bangs. i figured

Great...ol college jock is gettin a piece of ass. I slowly turned

the door knob and slowly opened the door a crack and i saw a figure

from the backside obviously on top of another and the ass was going

back and forth and since i saw another pair of feet at the end of

the bed i knew they couldnt be fuckin, what the hell, somebody was

getting fucked, but in the mouth! I said shit i didn't know brother

jock liked blowjobs. i opened the door a little further and then

almost gave myself away. the guy doing the face fucking, wasn't my

brother, he had black hair, brother was blond, the guy was pumping

away and the banging was the head on the headboard and suddenly the

guy fucking gave out of loud moan and yelled " fuck, cummin"

he soon stopped the fucking motion and jumped off the bed. I nearly

dropped to my knees, the person on the bed getting face fucked was

my butch big jock brother. i was shaking so bad and afraid i would

get caught, i heard them talking and slowly closed the door. I went

out the back and got on my bike and drove around for hours. i went

into a head by the beach and didn't know what was happening to me,

the scene made my dick so hard it hurt. i was alone in the head and

went into the last stall and sat down and dropped my shorts and was

beating the hell out of my cock so fuckin hot ready to shoot i didn't

hear the guy come in and he caught me pounding away and said"hey

buddy, its cool, i came to do the same thing, i got a better way

if your into it...wanna get sucked off?" i thought about what i had

seen that afternoon and without a second thought i stood up and pulled

my tank top off and stepped out of my shorts and the guy looked at

my cock and let out a "whew" and swallowed the whole thing as i shot

off down his throat. it was the greatest cum i ever shot my legs˘╔

were weak as i got on my bike and wemt home.


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