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Archive-name: FirstGay/ftg369.txt


Archive-title: My First Time!

I was about 12 or 13, attending a Jr. High School here in L.A.  A

group of about 5 or 6 of us, had decided to go to a walk in theater;

the Lambert theater by Crenshaw and Vernon.  After the show, we started

walking home and on our way, passed a swimming school.  One of the

guys said, hey lets jump the wall and go skinney diping.  So we did.

We spent about 30 or so minutes playing around naked and then decided

to get out before we got cought.  Another guy and I, by the name

of Hampton, were dressing together, and I noticed that he seemed

to take a particular interest in my "privates", so to speak.  He

just sort of kept taking "peaks" at me.  At any rate we all got out

of there and went home.  The following Monday at school, I saw Hamp

again , waved hello type of thing.  Subsequently, about 3 or 4 days

later, he asked if I would like to go Ice Skating with him and his

older sister, that weekend.  I said sure, that could be fun.  After

school, I noticed that he was walking home, going in the same direction

as I was, and about that time he called out for me to wait-up.  I

did, and then we stated walking home together.  He asked if I would

want to stay over night at his place after Ice Skating.  I said sure

that would be O.K.  The following night we returned from Ice Skating

to his house.  His mom asked if I wanted a sandwich etc. So we both

had one with a glass of milk etc.  When it became time to go to bed,

Hamp showed me his room, and I was surprised that it had only one

bed.  So I asked, where do I sleep?  He said, oh we can just sleep

together.  I said something like, "oh, o.k.".  We both started to

get undressed, down to our briefs, and I jumped in bed, while Hamp

turned off the light.  I tossed and turned trying to get comfortable

and then fell asleep.  I woke up to Hamp feeling my butt, cock and

balls.  I asked what the hell he thought he was doing, and he said

words to the effect that I should do the same to him.  I started

to do just that.  The next thing I knew, he was jacking me off while

also jacking himself off.  I had shot on my own before, but this

had a whole new thing about it.  After a while we both shot.  Up

to this point I had not really touched his cock, only his ass and

balls, because he had had his hand on his cock.  We kept on messing

around, and then I noticed that I was getting hard all over again.

This time, I did what he had done before, which was to get ahold

of his cock while stroking my own.  We again shot, only this time

it was twice as good (at least for me) as before.  We then messed

around a little more and finally went to sleep.  The next morning,

we were both awake prior to the rest of the family, and Hamp started

to play with my cock again.  By this time I was very guilty about

what we had done the night before, so was not to willing to do it

again, expecially with the sun shinning in.  So I told Hamp no, and

he stopped and I went home.  The rest of the week end was full of

reflections of that night.  Monday at school, Hamp asked if I wanted

to get together at his place after school.  To make a long story

short, we  got together every day after school for the next 3 or

4 days.  Then a guy by the name of Orvil came by Hamps house when

we were in his bedroom jacking each other off again.  We really did

not like the interuption, but what is one to do.  To make a longer

story even shorter, it appeared to me that Orvil came by for the

very same reasons that I had been coming over.  Then it came out

in the open, when Orvil asked that I leave so that he and Hamp could

go to bed.  I said that he should leave etc.  We ended up playing

a game of mumbledepeg (sp) to see which one of us was going to stay.

Well it turned out that Oliver stayed and I walked on home.  The

next day at school, Hamp and I were talking and I asked him how long

he and Orvil had been "doing it".  He said for about the past 4 or

5 month.   Orvil, Hamp and I never did do it together.  But it wasn't

too long and Orvil and I would go to Orvil house and do it.  About

the 3rd or 4th time, Orvil intrupted me when I was jacking both of

us off, by saying that he wanted to suck my cock.  Well I had heard

of this before, but really didn't know that it was really something

that really happened.  At any rate he did, and I went to heaven.

 I'll never forget it!!!!  Subsequently, when Hamp and I were on

a bus going to a movie across town, we were at the rear of the bus,

and the next thing I knew, Hamp was unbuttoning my 501's and starting

to jack me off right then and there!  That was really great.  Thatf

night after the show, Hamp was to stay at my house for the night.

 Which he did.  I asked him to suck my cock instead of jacking us

off.  He replied that he had never done that before, and that I should

do it to him.  So, slowly, very slowly I got into the doing of it.

 He was as extatic about it as I was on my first time with Orvil.

 The next thing we knew, we were doing it to each other (yes, 69ing

it).  After about 5 or 10 minutes of this, my bedroom door comes

open, with my mother asking "what is going on in here".  When she

turned on the lights, she didn't need to ask any longer.  She called

Hamps parents to come and pick him up, and to never allow the two

of us to ever get together again.  I ended up with ever male member

in my family explaining what females and males were all about, etc.

At any rate, by the time my family were finished, I was scared to

death and thought sure I would die at any moment.  I did get over

the scare, but did not have another jack-off or suck session until

I was 18, and in the Navy.  But that is another story.  Take care.


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