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Archive-name: FirstGay/ftg336.txt


Archive-title: HEY!

        Maybe its thier first Debate have some sensitivity!!! ;)


        My First time was less than 2 years ago, but I can remember

it VERY well...

        I was at home for Christmas break or something when I was

on this very board, I had been on before when I was under 18 just

to look around, I always lied about my age because I had always ;looked

and sounded older.

        Anyhow I was online one day and this guy chatted me and I

figured I do the usual "lets talk about sex." Chat and get on with

my BBS'ing considering I only thought as myself as Curious and in

NO WAY homosexual.

        Anyhow the guy was extremely nice and kept urging me to come

to his office right then so he could suck me off because his boss

had just left for out of town and he was horny as hell.

        I took down his number and disconnected and debated for a

long time. If I did it I would have to feel guilty around my girlfriend

and it wasnt something I could just erase from my memory. OR my other

option was to try parents always say to thier kiddies "Dont

knock it till you try it." and my cock was already taking the creases

out of my briefs...

        Off I went into the rainy afternoon telling myself I wasnt

actually gonna go through with it...and I [parked my car, said a

little prayer and went to the building. After traveling up the slick

stairs outside I got to the building and there was some old lady

sitting there looking at me like I had just spit in her tea and asked

if I could have some. Shit wrong building it was across the street

        Finding the correct office wasnt difficult once I was in

the right building, I went to the door and peeked through the mail

slot and saw a guy sitting at a computer and KNEW it had to be him,

so I took a deep breath and opened the door.

        "Hello." He said and introdueced himself as I did the same.

        he was thin with curly brown hair and piercing eyes.

        He took me for a little tour of his office which was being

remodeled and into his bosses office we went, where he first touched

my cock, the first time any man who didnt have a medical degree had

done, it was slow and soft and he moved his hand slightly up and

down, I was in a state of bliss.

        He began to remove his clothes and he had a wonderful body,

Thin and muscular and a cock that made you want to put Krazy Glu

on it so you could throat it all day.

        He unzipped my pats and my fat cock sprung free as he immediatley

took it in his mouth where I discovered why men are better than women.

Up and down his head bobbed on my cock as he looked up at my shocked

face as I could feel his warm mouth slurping my cock down in contrast

to the cool office air, My knees were week and my head was spinning

as he instructed me how to play wioth his nipples.

     I had had many orgasms before like most Teenage boys I was an

olympiad masterbater but this time I did not know what was comming

over me, My knees shook like I was possesed as I felt that tinbgle

go upo my back and I clamped down on his nipples and shot a huge

load straight down his throat...and he loved ever bit of my juice

as he shot his spunk all over my feet...It was wonderful.

        He asked me if I wanted to do anymore, but I had lied earlier

and said that I had a meeting and we said our goodbyes and left and

I have never seen him again, rest assured Ive never seen my office

friend since and would love to again but in the great big world of

BBSing I doubt it will cum true again.

                19 B.C.


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