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Archive-name: FirstGay/ftg318.txt


Archive-title: I was about fourteen...

..and when a friend of mine was over we would sometimes get into

wrestling matches.  I remember one time we were tossing about on

the floor, arms and legs entwinted when we got into a position

where my cock was pressed between his legs and I couldn't stop my

hard-on from coming on and pressing against him.  I was the stronger

one and could pretty much control him and when we got to this position,

we just held it for awhile and I rubbed against him and he squirmed

against me, all under the pretense that he was trying to get away

and I was trying to pin him.  I finally shot my load right there

in my levis.  He loved to be dominated this way, and we did this

many times after-- but never talked about it or went any farther...

too bad...


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