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Archive-name: FirstGay/ftg316.txt


Archive-title: First time...

     First, lemme tell ya about Kevin. Remember the locker rooms,

and the showers after gym class? Remember sneakin' peeks at your

buddies. To this day I can recall clearly the steamed slick tile

floors, the snapping towels and all our voices peaked in adolescent

bravado, defending our blossuming masculinity against the casual

verbal assults of our peers.

     I do. But most of all I remember Kevin.

     I didn't even have a concept of what a "homo" was. My brother

(bless him) was short fat and an absolute pain in the neck, type

sibling. So I never would have learned about sex from any experience

with him. But I do recall sitting on the bench in front of my locker

and being completely mezmerized by a pair of satin smooth buns being

toweled dry across from me.

     Kevin was the owner of those buns and before I even knew what

a homosexual thought was (though I would be subtly warned about them

in the scouts later that same year) I recall thinking how nice it

would be to feel them.

     But, how in the hell was I supposed to bring up that topic?

I could rule out, "Hey Kev, can I feel your ass?" I often thought

of "Hey lemma borrow your towel...ooopss..excuse me...uh..I was just

trying to get the towel." But that idea was discarded before it got

into the rehersal stage. I was satisfied to sit and watch day after

day....until I met Joey.

     Joey was different. He wore a cowboy hat to school. He talked

real slow and real smooth and had a peculiar way of lookin you right

in the eyes when he talked. He was ok I guess, though some of the

guys would snicker and make little waving gestures with their wrists

after he had walked by.

     None of this concerned me, however. I was only concerned with

the fact that Joey was good friends with Kevin. At last! I had a

means to an end. (no pun intended)

     It wasn't hard to get to know Joey, he seemed very eager to

converse with me, actually. Within a few days we were planning an

overnighter at his place.

     "No, it's cool, my dad's goin fishin tommorrow and we'll have

the house most of the day" he confirmed it. Then I took my shot.

    "what about Kevin?"

     "What about him?"

     "Well your friends with him and all, I thought he might...ya around." I will never forget the look he gave me at that

point. He had to know exactly what I was up to.

     That Friday night we took our stolen beer and cigarrettes into

his room. While I finished off the one can he had managed to swipe

from his dad's freezer, he put on the new Black Sabbath album.

Ozzie was droning on about his "sweet leaf" and my head was spinning

a little when Joey asked me about Kevin.

    "You like him, huh?"


     "C'mon, I seen you lookin at him in the lockers!"

     "Fuck you! Let's have a cigarette..."

     "Nah, save 'em for later, there's only two. C'mon, I seen ya.

Nice butt huh?"

     "Fuck you! You're weird!" But I knew I was busted.

     "Kevins got a real big dick!" he offered.

     "Jeez! What the fuck are you talkin about?!" I played like I

wasn't interested.

     "I seen it hard. Really! It's a lot bigger when it's hard than

it is in the showers."

    "Huh?" he had me by now.

     "Really. How bigs yerz?"

     I had never thought about Joey in the same way I thought of

Kevin. Joey was..well..sort of plain by comparison. But here in our

underwear, his stupid hat off and his hair a playfull toss on his

head, he looked kinda cute.

     "I never measured my dick." I explained.

     "Well, look.." he moved from his sitting position to his knees

and tugged his jockeys down. Then he started pulling slowly and methodical

ly on his cock. Part of me wanted to object, but I was hypnotised

by the purposeful rythem of his hand and watched his cock grow from

a small sprout of flesh to a throbbing hard on. I was amazed. I had

never watched another guy stroke his dick and I found myself getting

hard too.

     "Well?" he said, "How big is yours?!"

     Reluctantly, at first, I followed suit and soon I found myself

stroking my hard dick with Joey looking on intently.

     "Wow! Yeah, you've got a big one. Watch this."

     With that he leaned over and took my cock in his mouth.

     I couldn't believe it. I started to pull away but, well you

know what it felt like the very first time you had your cock in somebodies

 mouth. It was fukin great.

     After a few minutes he stopped, wiped his mouth and looked at

me with an expectant smile.

     "What?" I inquired. He just smiled and looked down at his own

engorged meat. Finally it occurred to me what he was thinking.

     When I first had his cock in my mouth I thought I was gonna

puke. But it only lasted a second and then I found myself starting

to enjoy the sensation, the way his hips rolled slowly back and forth,

sliding his stiff prick between my lips.

     Suddenly he stopped me and we went to the bed. I sucked him

for another few minutes and his hips were bouncing wildly around

on the bed when I tasted his hot salty spurts at the back of my throat.

Than I almost did puke.

     But I came back for more the next night. And the following weekend.

And every time we were alone until my father got stationed in California

and we said our goodbyes.

    I never did get to feel Kevins butt. But tasting Joey's cock

was a sufficient subsitute.


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