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Archive-name: FirstGay/ftg315.txt


Archive-title: My Older Brother...

My brother was really gettin off on all the attention I was givin

his dick....If I didn't sneak into his bedroom at night, he would

wake me up with his big dick workin it's way into my throat....But

it wasn't always so one sided...When we started foolin around, I

was able to shoot any sperm at all, but by this time, my loads rivaled

his in both volume and intensity...He used to suck me off alot,too,

keepin his mouth tightly around the base of my cock until I was dry...But

one night, he didn't just stop there...he started licking my balls

and further surprised  the fuck outta me when he spread

my cheeks and started tickilin my butthole with his finger...But

it shocked me even more when I felt his hot breath blow across my

asshole, followed by tentative swipes of his tongue....Confusing,

to be sure, but it felt incredible...

   I remember him turning me onto my stomach, and spreading my legs,

and lickin at my hole, shovin his tongue deeper and deeper. I suddenly

realized that it wasn't only his tongue I felt...He'd worked his

middle finger up inside of me and was makin me feel like I'd never

felt before....I thought your butt was only for shittin...never dreamed

it could feel so good....I lay there in the dark, feelin all of these

new sensations, when he climbed on top of me...I could feel his breath

on my neck, as he asked me if it felt good, what he was doin....I

moaned yes, and immediately he pulled back, and I heard him spit

into his hand..I was expecting more fingering, so I relaxed and closed

my eyes...what I felt next was no finger..he was shoving his dick

into my hole which he so thoroughly lubed up with his tongue. I started

to cry out, but he clamped his hand over my mouth and told me to

relax, that it wouldn't hurt for long....He started out slowly, but

was soon hammering at my butt...tears rolled down my cheeks, but

he never did release the grip he had on my mouth...I felt him slam

me harder, and soon felt his hot cum fillin me up....After he pulled

out, he let me go, and asked me if I was alright....I told him yeah,

and he left for his bedroom....I made my way to the bathroom, and

cleaned myself up before returning to sleep...As much as it hurt,

I remember feelin proud that I was able to please him so much...

Our fuck sessions became more frequent, but he was always the fucker,

and I had to take it.......


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