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Archive-name: FirstGay/ftg314.txt


Archive-title: The First Time

I remember the first time I was ever "picked up".  I was sure I was

gay, even though it was the mid-60's, hippies hadn't happened yet,

ergo free love wasn't around.  I was still in "Beach Boy" mode, and

dressed the part (I know there are a few of you out there who know

what I mean).  Anyway, I usually got off either jerking off in the

gym bathrooms knowing the other guys were around, naked, playing,

some of them getting hard-ons, etc.  Occasionally I would get to-

gether with some guy and we'd watch each other J/O.  One day, when

I was walking to my high school, this station wagon with what I thought

was one of the most beautiful men I've ever seen drove by.  He had

those liquid blue eyes one sees only on very good days, a face like

Ricky Nelson's (that pouting mouth, etc).  He looked at me as he

drove by, and I looked at him.  Before long, he had turned around

and offered to give me a ride to school.  I accepted, and while we

drove up Euclid Ave. towards Chaffee High, his hand came closer and

closer to my knee.  He finally began to play with me and my young

cock sprang to attention.  He asked me if I'd ever been sucked off

before.  I hadn't, and always wanted to have it done to me, and perhaps

I'd do the same.  I'd read enough "Free Press" (aka the Freep) ads

to know that people did that sort of thing.  He asked where we could

go, and I thought I didn't want him to come with me on campus as

it would look too suspicious.  I told him I had a favorite place

on the road to Mt. Baldy that I liked to go to, get all naked and

run around for about an hour, my hard dick bouncing in the cool air,

and I'd have my self an enormous orgasm when jerking off.  He agreed,

and we drove up there.  When we were sufficiently hidden, he told

me to pull my shorts down.  He was dumbfounded (even as a young man,

I had a pretty big dick, and thick), and went straight to work.

Man, what a feeling.  I've never since had a blowjob like the one

he gave me (my first).  No teeth scraping, just hot, tight wetness

that brought shivers all over me.  Then he opened his throat (something

I learned how to do later) and my cock just plunged halfway down

his esophagus.  I was in heaven.  Before long I couldn't hold back

any longer and told him so.  That just got him all hot and bothered,

and he put extra purchase on my throbbing boy dick.  It was too much,

and I came in his mouth.  He slurped and sucked me dry, my legs becoming

too weak.  I sank to my knees, his mouth clamped on my prick the

whole time.  Finally, when he'd gotten all the last of my juices,

he stood up, pulled out his prick and said, now my turn.  It was

a beautiful prick, even, few veins, nice head, etc.  I wanted to

see if I could do to him what he had just done to me.  While my

technique left much to be desired, he coaxed me slowly, and before

long I was slurping away at his meat.  He was already close, so in

no time he told me he was going to cum.  I didn't want him to cum

in my mouth, but before I had a chance to pull back, he grabbed my

head and pushed that fucker all the way down my throat.  It wasn't

a matter of swallowing.  I consider the act of swallowing beginning

in your mouth.  From there you take what it is then move it to the

back of your throat, THEN swallow.  I didn't have a chance to do

that.  It was like an injection of manjuice directly into my gut.

It was hot.  When he had calmed down, he tousled my hair (something

I like done to me to this day), and said can I see you again (sheesh,

even then!)  I gave him my phone number, but he never called me.

He told me he was married and had kids (hence the station wagon)

and was a salesman of some kind.  I've been on the lookout for someone

like him to suck my dick that way ever since.  In the meantime, and

for now, I'm off to my gym at UCLA and do what I did way back then.

Later, dudes.  Hope you liked this story.  It's all true.


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