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Archive-name: FirstGay/ftg250.txt


Archive-title: Military School

      When I was 15 my parents sent me to a military school back

east. At the time I was at the age when I was hard up all the time

for sex and I knew I leaned more towards guys so when my folks mentioned

it I started packing my suitcase.

      So I got there and went through the orientation and got fitted

for my uniform and the usual SOP for the "first timers" and got assigned

a room with another guy.

      My roomates name was Rick and was a real good looking guy.

He was 16, dark brown hair, 5'10" and at first glance he looked like

ultimate wet dream in this 15 year olds eyes. We hit it off instantly

and became best of friends overnite. We were always hanging around

together and played on the same teams and listened to the same music.

      Rick loved to horse around and wrestle, and I really did not

mind at all because he was close to me and I put up a good fight

but I let him take me down most of the time. I have always been really

well built and worked out and stuff and one night after lights out

and we were doing our thing he had me pinned down and he asked me,

"Why do you always let me win?" I looked up at him and asked, "Do

you want to know the truth?" He said yeah and I told him, "Because

I like having you on top of me." He looked at me a little strange

and started to smile then came closer to my face and said, "You know,

I like being on top of you."

      "I want you Rick. I have wanted you since day one. All I have

been thinking about is what it would be like to run my tongue down

your chest and suck your cock."  He says to me "So why don't you?"

Without another word I cross my leg over his and flipped him underneath

me and went for his neck. It was like something snapped in me and

I was given license to do to him whatever I wanted, and so it began!

I kissed and licked his neck while I pulled his shirt up and over

his head. I ran my tongue down the length of his arm to his chest

and he moaned all the way down. I wrapped my lips around his nipple

and worked my tongue while he giggled and squirmed from the feeling.

I worked my way south turning around on top of him and licking all

the way down to his underwear. I pulled them off and took his 6 inch

cock into my hand and gave it a soft squeeze so he would know I was

there. The beautifully shaped head swelled as I squeezed it and I

started to tease it with my tongue, just enough to make him nuts.

He begged me to stop playing with it and to stick it in my mouth

but I told him, "Rick, I am playing out a fantasy that I habeen perfecting

 for a long time." He tells me, "Well I have a few myself." Then

he leaned forward and buried his face in my ass and started licking

and gnawing away at my shorts. Now I was going nuts! I dove my face

over his cock and started sucking like a starving animal as he grabbed

the back of my shorts andstretched the elastic band and pull then

down to my balls. He again buried his face in my ass and I could

feel his tongue working around my asshole and I knew I was in heaven.

Then he started probing inside of me with his tongue and I kept going

farther and farther down his shaft till I ran out of cock and then

(I don't know how to this day)managed to get his balls in my mouth


      Suddenly, I felt his cock pulse and I knew what was going to

happen next, so I back off half way up his shaft and then plunged

back down to the base as he gushed his hot juice down my throat and

I kept pumping that cock for more. It was such a rush that I started

cumming all over his chest and then we both layed there for a few

minutes breathing so heavy I thought I was going into arrest. I turned

back around laid on top of him and we kissed while our chests slipped

on my cum. He rolled me over on my back and started to lick the cum

off my chest and then kissed me again.

      Needless to say, neither of our beds were slept in that night

and throughout the rest of that year they seldom were.

      .............but that is another story!


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