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Archive-name: FirstGay/ftg248.txt


Archive-title: The "First"

I find it hard to pick which was the first time. I spent 6th, 7th,

and 8th grades in a Military boarding school. During my second year

I found myself joining a group of boys every afternoon behind a hill

at the far end of the campus near the woods, where we would satisfy

ourselves kissing, licking, and sucking one another's little pricks.

Watching the steam rise from stiffened little cocks in the cold air.

As we progressed and got more horny, more often we played musical

bunks. Hopping from one rack to another. Masterbating or giving crude

head. Occasionally one would find someone mounting them and pressing

their stiff little cock between the cheeks of your ass, but much

more. I thought it pretty normal development for the age. Then one

night we had costume dance with two other co-ed schools from the

area in our gym. I was one of the last to arrive at our English instructor

s house where we were to get our costumes. I was pretty thin or slight

then with very smooth featurers. The instructor's wife dressed me

as a ballerina. The works, hair, makeup, bra, tights, and a wrap

around type skirt that split up the side and was very short. At first

I was very frightened and embarrassed. Then I saw myself in the mirror,

with whole package, I felt very pleased, even proud of my appearance.

The makeup was perfect. I already had long legs and the tights certainly

accented their shape, and my little ass. I was still nervous going

into the gym. The guys from my school didn't recongize me, at least

not for awhile. The boys from the other school didn't have a clue.

I was being asked to dance all night, the outfit didn't hurt either.

I found that I got a rush from feeling their hands all over me. Stroking

and pawing. And the idea that they wanted me. Or is the first time

the time you seduce and make love to someone you really want and

like. I'm talking want real bad, and feel so good being held and

handled by.

More later


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