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Archive-name: FirstGay/ftg239.txt


Archive-title: JUST GOT IT!

have been going with girls for about a year now (im 18) and yesterday

i went to the (i won;t say where) anyway, there was this hole in

the wall, a buddy told me about it and that he got a blow job there,

i went in the stall and dropped my shorts and could see thru the

hole the guy in the next booth had a hard on so i dropped my shorts

to the floor, i thought what the hell id give the guy a cheap thrill

and let him see my cock, i got a mamouth prick and when this guy

got aload of my size he went nuts he put his finger thru the hole

an beckoned me to put my dick through the hole, i wouldnt do it,

but my cock had gotten hard and i tried to hide it with my elbow,

but the head stuck out from the top, i got horney when this guy started

pounding his cock fast and furious, i started jacking off, i figured

i couldn't walk out this way anyway, the guy stopped jerking and

started writing on toilet paper and pushed a note thru the hole,

it begged me to stick my cock through and that he had been only waiting

for a big cock because he could deepthroat one like mine...i put

the paper in the toilet and went back to jackin off and was about

to cum when i thought what the hell, i motioned for his pen and i

wrote on a piece of paper that i had never had a blow job, and did

not believe that he could put all of my cock in his mouth (a friend

from school had tried it once and was a no gi felt nothi..

he wrote for me to just try once and if i didn;t like it i could

stop. so i stood up and put my cock through, what happened was this

guy licked my cock, i could feel that, then he put the head in his

mouth and slowly slid down all the way to my pubic hairs i could

not believe what was going on, i thought it was his hand at first

so i pulled back a little and saw his moustache and so i pushed it

all the way down his throat and i fucked the hell out of his mouth,

i did not stop when i came, i came in his mouth and i can tell you

guys this...i never had a climax like that in my li.


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