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Archive-name: FirstGay/ftg212.txt


Archive-title: My first time.....

My First Time, October 1, 1991

He and I had chatted and exchanged notes for quite some

time. He had told me things about himself.

He told me that his name was Ron and that he was a

bisexual married man. So over the bbs we got to know a

little about each other.  Since I had never been with

another man, I was very nervous about meeting or even

chatting for that matter. I'm 30 and have been trying

to come to grips with my gay feelings by logging onto

bbs systems reading the mail and chatting with other


After we had been corresponding for about a month, I

sent him my phone number.  He had a very romantic phone

voice!  So, we talked a few times and then he said that

he wanted to see me. We set a date for him to drive out

to my place. (I couldn't believe that I had actually

made a date with the guy!)

Monday morning a 9:45AM the phone rings and he's a few

minutes away from my home.  He asked instructions to

get to my place... Next thing I know I see him pulling

his car into a parking place. The first thing I notice

is his friendly smile the second thing I zero in on is

the salt-and-pepper colored hair peeking out of the top

of his shirt!!!  I have to admit that I find men who

have a hairy chest very sexy!  I've wanted to rub my

hands through a hairy chest for years.  He says hello.

I'm wearing a western shirt, black jeans, and black

cowboy boots. I notice as he approaches that his cock

is placed in his pants to the side so I get a full view

of it.  We enter my home and I close the door and lock


We begin kissing each other......deep long wet french

kisses...I read that kissing was safe, so I explore his

tongue with mine. He presses his bulge against mine.

It's like electricity!  My legs start to tremble.  He

asks if I'm okay...I say yes...I'm just new at

this....We kiss....and hug...and rub bulges together

even more.  I'm running my hands all over his body;

he's doing the same to me....we're both still dressed.

I ask him if I can unbutton his shirt; he says yes.  I

unbutton his shirt and peel it back from his chest.

His chest is covered with salt-and-pepper hair!!!  I

rub my hands through my first hairy chest and over his

hairy stomach.  We're kissing and rubbing

hands are exploring his hairy bod....I get brave and

put my hand on is bulge and rub... His cock get's hard

as rock!  I keep rubbing that stiff cock, while I'm

Message #213

To: all

Subject: My first time (continued) with Ron

kissing his bearded face.  He rubs his beard on my neck

and it just about drives me crazy!!!  I love it!!!  He

says let's go to bed.

I lead him into my bed room. I take his shirt off and

we lie on the bed.  He has my shirt off....and starts

to unbutton his pants.  I say "Let me do that", I begin

to undo his belt and just as I'm unzipping his

pants.....I look at his and say "a present to unwrap"

and we both laugh.  I unzip and he raises his hips so I

can get his pants off.  He takes his underwear off real

quick!  I would have liked to do that slowly but the

guy was as hard as a rock....So, I understand....I take

my clothes off real quick!  Soon we are both strip

naked!!! and were lying next to each other pressed real

close.  I feel his hairy chest pressed against my

almost smooth chest....Oh, I've waited a long time for

this!!! I love a hairy man what a turn on!!

We kiss and rub our cocks and balls together....I'm on

top of him...He's on top of me....we are all

hands......kissing...feeling good.  His hairy body

feels good next to me.  I start playing with his dick

and put his hand on my dick....we start jacking each


He tells me that he likes to get sucked, but that he

doesn't like to suck......We don't have condoms and I

don't want to die....So, just in case I ignore his

request and keep stroking his cock with my hand.  The

thought flashes through my mind..."Does this guy have I going to get it.....we've been kissing...Is

kissing safe?.......I remember what I read from the CDC

that kissing was okay....I stop worrying

I hear him say....Some oil or cream would be nice.  I

get up and bring back some hand lotion.  I suggest that

we stroke each others cock at the same time.  We do

that....His hand feels good on my cock.....Oh,

yea...rub that hot cock....I start really rubbing and

stroking his cock seriously....he likes it!

I change positions  and rub our cocks together a little

and he lays down on his back.... I sit on his stomach

and rub my hands from his hairy stomach through his

hairy chest and back down....I like this so I do it a

lot....Then I think  "I wanna see this guy cum!!!"  I

start stroking his cock like I do mine when I'm

alone...Hard...squeezing it....Lot's of friction....I

use more lotion.....He tells me he's getting close!!!

Oh, yeah!!! I'm going to make this hairy chested man


I start rubbing his cock really fast against my

Message #214

To: all

Subject: my first time continued with ron

stomach....He's squirming on the bed...."OH!!!!!  I'M

CLOSE......OHHHHHH"  I keep rubbing his cock as fast as

I can against my stomach....His head starts moving from

side to side and he's moaning and saying



!!!! I keep rubbing his cock against my stomach and

he's gasping...This hairy chested man isn't just

cumming he's having fucking orgasm and I'm giving it to

him!!! His orgasm is near completion and he looks into

my eyes....and I wrap my hand around his cock and take

the other hand and rub the head of his dick back and

forth creating lots of friction on the head of his dick

his eyes go wide and he throughs his head back and

gasps.....I start stroking his cock up and down and

looks up at me again...So, I start rubbing the head of

his dick again...LOTS of friction....His eyes go wide

again and he throughs his head back and closes his

eyes.....Yeah this hairy man likes his dick worked!

I see the cum on his hairy stomach and I rub it into

his hairy chest......He doesn't complain.  I'm hoping

that it's safe.

I'm sitting on his legs with rubbing my hands all over

his hairy chest and stomach......I'm going to enjoy

this man!!!!  I put his hand on my cock and he starts

stroking it while I rub his chest....We do some

kissing....He know's how to use his tongue!!!

I want to cum!!!

I roll him onto his back and straddle his stomach with

my knees on each side of him.  My cock is resting on

his hairy solar plexus...I rub it against his furry

chest.....I feel his hairy stomach against my balls!!!!


I start stroking my cock.....really serious like when

I'm alone....I want to cum on this guys hairy chest!!!

I feel my cock get really stiff and hard...the mushroom

head swells up...He says that I have a pretty big

dick.....I never thought of it as being big......but,

I'm not complaining.....I can feel my self getting

close..... I tell him "When I tell you, I want you to

strok my cock as hard as you can....I want you to make

me cum!!  He says okay....I rub his hairy chest!!!!

Fuck....Stroke my dick!!!!!!  He grabs my dick and is

really pumping it.....OhHHHH!!!!  I'm going to CUM!!!!

FUCK.....I'm CUMMMMMMMING!!!! OH, GOD!!!!!  I hear

someone grunting and groaning in wild pleasure......and

the I realize it's me!!! I'm cumming all over this guys

hairy chest!!!  Oh, it's so good....My first time!!!!

The tide of my orgasm washes over me.  I look into his

Message #215

To: akk

Subject: My first time continued with Ron

face......he looks happy.....he's still stroking my

cock....I rub his hairy chest......

I massage all of my cum into his hairy chest and

stomach.....I lay on top of him and we kiss.....deep

french kissing....We made each other happy and we knew

it..... We lay in each others arms for about a half-

hour.  He suggest that we take a shower.

We get in the shower and I take some shampoo and work

his hairy body into a frothing lather....I lather his

balls too... Then I rub against the guy in the

shower....He's my hairy wash cloth and I'm his smooth

wash cloth.....We both like it!

We ge t out of the shower.....I see him drying

himself...I take his towel and dry him from head to

toe.....I'm on my knees in front of him and I look into

his face...... I bury my face in his hairy chest and

rub from side to side......I get up we kiss.

I love the way his beard rubs against my neck.

We're getting dressed......He's putting on his

shirt....Let me do that.....I rub his chest and nuzzle

it with my face then slowly I button his shirt.  I get

dressed too.

I walk him to his car and then he's first


I'm really hoping that everything we did was safe....We

were together for about three hours....He arrive at ten

am and now it's one pm.   Wow......I feel good.

I fall asleep in the chair in my living room.....I'm

exhausted!!! I can feel the warmth of my orgasm still

in my chest!

I still have concerns as to how safely I played, so if

any of you reading this have any comments.  Please

share them with me. I'm concerned about the

virus....So, I did my best to play safe.  And the sex



I will never forget my first man.  His name was Ron.

If you read this Ron.......Thanks! My first experience

was truly great!!!!


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