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Archive-name: FirstGay/ftg210.txt


Archive-title: first time


I had been noticing guys for some time, you know,

as more than buddies or friends, more like objects to

lust after.  Gradually, I noticed that men were creeping

into my jack off fantasies... I started to notice guys

builds and the size of their cocks.  I also started to

notice the effect all this looking had on me.

Anyway, years later I found myself married with children,

and a perfect life, except for my wandering eyes and my

personal "between the legs horny alert".  My fantasies

now regularly included men and many times my wife got the

benefit of incredible orgasms generated by fantasy fucks

with any number of guys taking my pole in their mouths or


I kept wanting to meet a nice "regular" guy (as opposed

to a queen), just to see if I wanted to pursue things,

but I could never meet anyone that I knew without a doubt

was gay, until I discovered BBS's.

I logged on to the Talk Channel which is a on-line meat

market, and discovered that there was a section for gays.

I started browsing member profiles and found a few nice

prospects and sent them the obligatory "wanna chat"

notes.  I met two guys who wanted to meet, and set up

times with them.  The first guy's name was mike and he

sounded great on his bio, so we agreed to meet for lunch.

I picked him up at his office and it was a disaster from

the start!  I parked where we agreed to meet, and he

hopped into the car and said "Hi, I'm Mike, you look

great, let's skip lunch and fuck..."  I was

flabbergasted, because he wasn't at all as he had

portraied himself..he was obese and, well ugly...for lack

of a better term.  I managed to regain my composure and

laughed off his suggestion for immediate gratification,

and began to drive to a local restaurant.  As I drove, I

felt his hand on the crotch of my jeans and I nearly

drove off the road as his hand found my cock and pulled

it out.... "its soft!" he commented, "arent you turned

on??"  Well, you can guess my answer....I convinced him

to unhand me and drove him back to his office.  For some

time he tried to send me E-mail begging for a second


The second guy I decided to cancel my date with...I was

so freaked out by my first outing that I guess I imagined

another wacko lurking on the board.  Paul (the other guy)

knew that I was cherry to man sex, and told me to wait

till it felt right and call him back.  About a week

later, I was really horny, I woke up that way....inches

of meat looking for love, and no one in sight....boy was

I frustrated........

When I arrived as the office, I decided to dail in and

read something hot on the board.  What was hot was

message from Paul... which read in part "you will never

know until you try....I promise to be gentle and

considerate...with his home phone #"  I picked up the

phone and called.  He answered on the first ring and I

asked to meet him for lunch near his home.  My secretary

must have thought I had gone round the bend as I cleared

my calender to concentrate on a "crisis".  When I arrived

at the restaurant, Paul was waiting out front.  What a

couple we made, me in business suit, he in shorts, tee

shirt and cap.....he had medium long hair and dimples

that were a mile deep and a hard body.  He looked me over

as we sat down to get aquainted.  "I need to eat, he said

but I think I can hold off for desert at home...How about

you??? are you ready??"  "Yes" I stammered.  We talked

and he told me about himself what he did, when he came

out etc., and we had a great time.  I followed him home

and we walked together up to the door of the house he

rented.  Upon opening his door, we went into the house

and into his room (he had roomates who were at work).  He

closed the door and reached for the bulge in my pants as

I removed my jacket.  I in turn, felt the substantial

mound through the slippery fabric of his shorts...and

felt an immediate response on both sides...  "why don't

you get undressed" he said as the phone rang, I've been

expecting this call, and it won't take a minute.  I

watched him as I removed first my shirt, then my shoes,

my slacks and then my briefs.  I caught his eye as my

cock sprung free, and he smiled and licked his lips.

Suddenly an evil streak asserted itself, and I pulled his

shorts down and grabbed his tool with both hands and

began to jack it, reveling in the hardness and silky

softness of his cock.  He moaned quietly and stuggled to

maintain his train of thought on the phone.  Taking the

iniative, I licked the head of his cock and discovered

what I had only fatasized about...the taste on a mans

cock   (END PART 1)

Message #211

To: all

Subject: first time part2


I inhaled his sweaty smell and began to lick the

underside of his prick causing him to gasp out loud...I

laughed as he explained to the other caller that he has

a leg cramp....and I drew him into my mouth...I gagged at

first, but we settled into a rhythm, while I sucked, I

began to explore his body, feeling his hard stomach,

following the line off hair to his jungle of a chest,

playing with his hard nipples and finishing with his hard

ass and balls.  As I hefted his full balls he finished

the call and hung up.  "I guess you really were ready" he

remarked, "you sure you've never sucked cock before?"  "I

almost shot my load...but I want to save it for later,

when we can do it together...ok?"  With that he had me

lay on the bed and he began to kiss me all over nipping

and licking his way down, down ever closer to my rock

hard prick.  Suddenly we wer in a 69, and his pole was in

my mouth as he sucked mine in...As he pulled my prick in,

his hands carresed my body and a warm feeling of lust

overtook me.  His mouth began to work down my prick until

I realized that his lips were touching my balls...."sooo

this is what being deepthroated feels like..." I thought

as the rhythm quickened.  His hands found my hole and I

felt a finger probing my ass.  "Not unpleasant" I

thought, as I relaxed and allowed him access.  Soon he

had two fingers in me and I was rocking and rollng as he

massaged my prostate in time with his sucking.  Meanwhile

I was sucking him to beat the band, he streached my

throat, and I gagged often when he got carried away, but

I couldn't get enough of him.

He rolled of me and asked me how I liked things so far.

Out of breath, I replied with a statement that surprised

even me.  "Please fuck me, I NEED TO KNOW" I whispered.

Paul said no, not this time, but I insisted that I wanted

to do it now...while I was able and willing.  Gradually

it dawned on me that this wonderful man was only

concerned for my pleasure, he was afraid of hurting me!!

"Fuck me slow and gentle" I said, "please" I implored.

Ok he replied.  "I want you soo bad, but I wasn't sure

you were ready".  I quivered as he stacked the pillows

and arranged me.  My cock was literally dripping pre-cum

as I waited while he put on his rubber and lubed us both.

He placed his cock at my hole and whispered "just relax,

let me do the work....relax...relax...ok now bear

down...oooohh!! and he was inside me.  Slowly he began to

move and I found myself pushing back on him, meeting his

thrusts with my own... soon we were going fast and

furious as I felt his balls slap against my ass.  His

hand reached around and grasped my prick and took up the

rhythm, faster, faster his cock pounded my he

did, I became aware that my own orgasm wasn't far

off..."You're close" he intoned..."real close, right?"

"Yeah, don't stop" I cried as my load moved up my cock.

Globs of cum sprang from my cock as he began deep thrusts

in to my ass, flying all over the bed, my chest, his

hand...rivers of my juice, spraying everywhere.

AAAARGHH! he screamed as I felt his dick expand begin to

pulse..."I'm cumming" he cried as he thrust deeper and

deeper in me.

As the spasms slowed, he pulled out of me and

complimented me on my performance.  He stroked me, and

rubbed my cum into my skin as part of an all over body

massage, with cum as the lube.  We talked and explored as

we got our breath back.  Mostly, we just felt

wonderful!!!  How about your first time???



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