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Archive-name: FirstGay/ftg204.txt


Archive-title: Cody's Return

Five years would pass from the first time I met Cody until he would

return. One afternoon George brought a new friend of his over to

the house to play pool. Cody was no more than 14 but insisted he

was 16. When we had a moment along I asked George where he had met

Cody and George replied "that his mother had picked Cody up thumbing

a ride. As it turned out Cody had no where to stay and I agreed to

let him stay at my house for a few days. That night after George

had left Cody and I talked late into the night and he told me he

had run away from an abusive family life in Arkansas. His story was

not consistant and I did not actually believe him. I knew there was

more to it than he was telling, but he was a very attractive and

likable kid. Cody as about 5'8" then and around 130 pounds, with

curly dishwater blond hair and piercing blue eyes. Pretty and petite

are the only way to describe his boyish facial features. As the days

went by I got to know and like him, as he was happy go lucky and

always cheerful, but yet I knew he was hiding something. One night

he went out with George and came home totally trashed on beer. The

next thing I knew he was in the bathroom making love to the toilet.

After a few minutes I walked into the bathroom and Cody was laying

on the floor by the toilet. He was through being sick but had gotten

some on his clothers. I had been dying to see him naked so I seized

the moment. I asked him if he was ok and he slurred "Yes". I told

him to stand up and take off his clothes so I could wash them. At

the same time I turned the shower on and said "This will make you

feel better". He follow my instruction and began fumbling with his

tee shirt while leaning on the sink. After he got his tee shirt off

he sat down on the toilet and took off his tennis shoes and socks.

Then slowly and unsteadily stood up and started unbuttoning his levis.

I could hardly contain the hardon I was getting just watching him

strip and knowing the briefs would go next and I would see it all.

He stepped out of his levis and slowly started pulling his briefs

down while leaning forward. I saw them his the floor beside his levis

and then he stood up straight and faced me as if to say what next?

He was beautiful. Puberty had set in but was a long ways from through.

His body was hairless except for a small bright blond patch of pubic

hair developing over his dick. His dick was still small, erect I

would guess maybe 5" and perfectly cut. His virgin bubble butt was

something to see and amagin what it would be like to fuck. He climbed

into the shower and began cleaning himself up. I went back into the

kitchen and mixed myself a drink and pondered what I had just seem.

God, he was a beautiful kid. After his shower Cody went right to

bed and quickly passed out in the spare bedroom. A few days later

I had to go out of town for a week and Cody went to see friends in

Malibu. When I returned I found out from George's mother that Cody

had been arrested in Hollywood, while I was gone, and sent back to

Las Vegas to stand auto theft charges there. That being where he

really was from and what he was running from. FIVE years had passed

not since I last saw Cody but I often wondered what had happened

to him. One Sunday morning I was in my kitchen and there was a knock

on the front door. When I opened the door there was a 6' tall 160

pound beautiful blond young man standing there. I knew at a glance

who it was. He said "Hi, I'm...." and before he could finish I said

"Cody". I invited him in and we sat down and talked for a while.

Then played some pool for old time's sake and went out for dinner

to get reaquinted. After dinner we returned to my house and had a

few beers and continued to talk about old times and what we had been

doing the last 5 years. As the evening grew late I asked him where

he was staying and he replied "I was hoping I could stay here and

sleep with you". I said "Sure you can stay here". I had been looking

looking at his fine body most of the day, and from the way his crotch

now filled his levis it was obvious that puberty had finished it's

job. At this moment I did not believe or realize that when he said

sleep with me he meant it literally, but it would turn out that he

did. He asked me if he could take a shower and get cleaned up and

I said sure. I was in the kitchen when he finished his shower and

came in with his curly blond hair still wet and only his briefs on.

What a sight. A small amount of hair had developed in the center

of his chest, his build was muscular since he had been working as

a carpenter for a couple of years. One more look at his briefs told

he he was one built kid. Sensual and sexy was the only way to describe

what I was seeing now. He said he was tired and put his arms in the

air and stretched. At this point seeing that made me just about go

off right there in my pants. He said "I am going to bed now, but

you can come in whenever your ready". I replied "OK" and to my supprise

he walked down the hall and got into my bed. I was in shock, can

this really be happening. He had said to me "I came to sleep with

you" and "Come to bed when your ready"..(what do you mean when?),

and now he is in my bed. It was too much so I mixed myself another

drink so I could think this over. I decided that the best approach

was to just go into my room and get into bed like anyother night.

The light was still on next to the bed and Cody was laying on his

side facing me with his eyes closed. I undress to my briefs and got

into bed facing him. As soon as I did Cody opened his eyes, reached

out his arms, and took me into an embrace. He was naked and I could

feel his huge hardon rubbing against my stomach and navel. I quickly

took off my briefs and for a long time we explored each others bodies.

There I was feeling feeling his bubble butt and holding that cock

and balls that I had wanted so long. After a while Cody pushed me

over on my back and started giving he head. God, he had learned to

give head. He was skilled at every move, and each time that night

he would lead and I would follow. After a while he rolled over on

his back and nudged my head as if to say now it's your turn. Now

I had that beautiful 8"+ fat dick of his in my mouth. Everything

was great and he even smelled great. Next he turned his back to me

and and while laying on his side took some lubricant I had on the

night stand and skillfully lubed his ass and then, while still on

his side facing away from me, and lubed my throbbing cock..

Continued next message............


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