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Archive-name: FirstGay/ftg197.txt


Archive-title: One hot summer...

Summer break, my freshman year of college, all I wanted to do was

kick back and party.  And that's just what I did for the first week

or so, until my dad stepped in.  Like most parents, he felt a young

man like myself should be out there working the summer, not wasting

it.  One of my dad's friends suggested I work with his son painting

houses.  I wasn't thrilled with the idea.  It wasn't so much the

work (the thrill of watching The Price is Right was gone).  It was

because this guy's son was someone I had though to be real asshole

in high school.  He was one year older than me, and in high school,

that single year felt like a huge gap.  Even so, I remembered Rick

as being this cocky jock with a bad attitude.  The idea of working

all summer with him was so depressing...and there seemed to be no

way out.  My dad had already accepted on my behalf (I hate when that

happens!) for the job.  The next morning I drove over to meet Rick.

 I was a little late -- like I said, I didn't want this job -- I

was on vacation!  Rick immediately gave me a hard time, telling me

how long the lines were going to be now at the paint store, etc.

 Great start to a great summer, huh?  Those first few days were pretty

stressful.  We were working on some beautiful homes and this was

the first time I'd ever painted.  So I was concentrating real hard

..on Rick, trying to do things exactly as he did.  Pretty soon he

eased up on me -- I think his ego liked the fact that I was following

the master!  And then things started to change.  Instead of eating

lunch by myself, Rick started inviting me to go with him to McDonald's

or the deli.  On days when we'd get paid, he treat us to a 6-pack

of cold Rolling Rocks, which we'd drink in the back of Rick's pick-up...ta

lking about almost anything.  I was falling in!  By now

I no longer had to watch Rick work -- I knew his every move -- and

yet I found myself transfixed by his body.  It was as perfect as

I could imagine -- muscular, and tight.  When we painted exteriors

or interiors on houses with no air conditioning, he'd take his tank

top off.  It was on days like this that I often found myself tripping

over a carpet or nearly losing a bucket of paint from a ladder!

I tried not to let Rick catch my gaze, but I guess he had already

figured things out.  The next night he asked if I had any plans (

I did, but of course said "no, why?")  He said his folks were heading

out of town, and he was going to throw a party at the house.  Great!

And the party was great, not so much because of Rick's friends, which

all of sudden accepted me like I'd been their closest buddies in

high school, but more because Rick seemed to be focusing all his

attention on me.  And I loved every moment of it.  I made a poit

point of being the last one at the house (subtle, huh?)  Rick asked

if I wanted to take a dip in the pool.  We ran out to the back, grabbing

a few more beers along the way (like we really needed them!)  Next

thing I know, Rick has stripped off his cut-offs and is diving off

the board.  I couldn't get my pants off quick enough (In fact, I

remember I knocked over my beer in the process).  I dove in and swam

up to Rick.  He pushed me under, playfully, and we wrestled in the

water for a few minutes.  And then I noticed Rick had the biggest,

stiffest, most beautiful hard-on I had ever seen.  As usual, Rick

was quick to catch my glance, and his eyes dropped to my hard-on.

 without a word, he pulled me tight to his body and, moments later,

we found our lips touching.  I almost came right there in the pool,

but Rick said "come on, let's go inside".  We his room,

where we kissed and sucked each other all night long.  In the morning,

we showered together, coming once more in each other's arms.  We

headed off to our next job...and that night to our next blow job.

 I didn't waste another moment that summer, and my dad said I was

the hardest working guy he'd ever seen!  Well, the work was hard

that summer...and so was the play!  As for Rick, well what happened

after that summer is another story...I'll tell you that another time

if you'd like.

                                                        Rick's First....


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