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Archive-name: FirstGay/ftg192.txt


Archive-title: Shay's Seduction....

October came and went and Kenny left for the basic training. George

was still in the process of discovering his sexuality and not that

adventuresome, so sex between us remained j/o sessions. I missed

Kenny because he and I had traveled far and wide in our quest for

mutual sexual satisfaction. As the next year passed George became

a less frequent visitor at my house. He began to spend more and more

time with his druggie friends. Without Kenny and George around Shay

began to spend more time at my house. He had graduated that spring

and his parents had gotten a divorce. His mother moved away and his

father was now planning to move back east. Shay found a job with

a local grocery chain, and started living at my house as he could

not stand his father's new live-in girlfriend. It was great just

having him around. He had a great happy go lucky personality and

could not do enough around the house to please me since he had stated

living there. For me it was just nice to be able to see him daily,

his long blond hair, tocky V-shaped body going into the bathroom

in his briefs and coming out with his hair wet and only a towel on.

He was about 6' tall with broad shoulders, no hair on his chest,

his chest tapered down to a 30" waist and a beautiful bubble butt.

Throw in a great smile (he was always smiling) and you have one gorgeous

young stud. His manner of dress was always a turn on like tight faded

501's, sweats with no underware, or shorts and a tank top. Girls

were forever trying to pickup on him, but he seemed to show little

or no interest in them. The longer we were housemates the closer

we seemed to become. Shay could not seem to do enough for me. He

would wash my car, do my laundry and clean and cook. He remembered

father's day and my birthday with cards and gifts. The only negative

was that he would often go out with his male buddies and drink a

lot of beer, but never to the point that he caused me any problem.

The positive side of that was that occasionally he would bring other

young guys over and that would provide some new sceanery for me.

In fact he brought a friend named Cody over a couple of times, what

a hunk he was, but that is another story that did not surface again

to another 6 years. One of Shay's friends was getting married and

Shay went to a bachelor party one Saturday night. He returned home

around 11pm feeling pretty good after drinking a few beers. He had

the remainder of a 12 pack with him and a video tape. I was wathching

an old movie on TV and Shay got us both a beer and watched the rest

of the movie with me. After the movie I asked him how the party was

and he said great. I asked him why he was home so early and he said

the group had decided to go to a topless bar and he did not want

to go. We talked for a while and then Shay asked me if I would like

to wathch the video they had watched at the party. I said sure. He

put it on and we both sat down on the couch to watch it. It was hard

core porn and was obviously a home made tape made by copying segements

of several commerical porn films. The first segment was a straight

sex, male - female, sucky fucky show. Then to my supprise the next

piece was a gay segment with two young guys getting it on. Shay became

very restless during this portion and was for sure getting aroused.

The next part was two women, and during this part Shay went into

the bedroom and put on a pair of cutoff sweats. He returned just

as another part with three guys in it started. I then realized that

it was the gay parts that were turning Shay on. He got up and went

to get us both another beer and I could see the hardon he had a mile

away as the front of his sweats looked like a pup tent. Shortly after

he sat back down the tape ended. He asked if I wanted to watch some

of the tape again and I said why not. He got up and went over to

the VCR and started rewinding the tape. While he was standing there

with his back to me, in his sweats, I could see the crack of his

bubble butt. I now realized he was trying to tell me something and

I shook in anticipation. He had set the tape back to the part with

the two guys again, and he stood in front to the TV for a few moments

wathing it. Then he walked back toward me, with that barely contained

erection standing tall, but instead of returning to the other end

of the couch, he walked up and stood right in front of me. Now his

toes were touching mine, and his giant hardon was pointed right at

my nose only a few inches away. God, how I wanted to just reach up

and jerk those sweats down. I mumbled something about do you realize

what you are doing to me and he replied "Yes, so". I reached up and

put both my hands on the sides of his trip waist and he shuddered.

I then took my right hand and rubbed the tip of his dick with the

back of my fingers through his sweats. I instant I did a wet spot

of precum appeared on the front of his sweats. I looked up and his

eyes were closed and he had a smile on his face. I could no longer

resist and I reached up took the waist band of his sweats in both

hands and pulled them down around his ankles. For the first time

there was his beautiful cock right in front of my face. If was thicker

than I expected, every bit of 7", straight and tall and perfectly

cut. The shaft was swollen slightly larger than the head and looke

d like it was just made to slide into something or somebody. His

ball were large and drawn tight and solid, his pubic hair was prue

blond and lighter than the hair on his head. The sight of him and

the musky smell almost made me cum in my pants right then.. I took

his cock in my mouth and began to suck him off while rubbing his

balls. After a minute or two of me sucking and Shay gently pumping

he pulled away from me. He looked down at me and said this really

feel good, but I want to do it together so lets go into your bedroom.

This would be the first time Shay had ever slept in my bed. I went

to the bathroom and undressed to my briefs. When I entered my bedroom

Shay was sitting on the side of my b and I walked up to him and stood

as he had to me. He looked at my hardon through my shorts and then

pulled them down and began sucking me off. We fell onto the bead

and began sucking each other until we had both shot giant loads down

each others throat. Later that night we both fucked each others virgin

asses. That night was the beginning of five years of Shay and I living

together and being lovers.... Kenny would return from time to time

and I would stray for a night.... and Cody would replace Shay years

later.........                            Kenny's Friend


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