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Archive-name: FirstGay/ftg188.txt


Archive-title: And along Came George...

The summer passed and school started. Kenny and I continued to have

get sex together. Shay returned to school and was not around as much.

George had decided to drop out of school, and Kenny was in the process

of enlisting in the Army. It was now late September and Kenny would

be leaving in late October. George was despondent over failing in

school and would later turn to drugs which would be his final downfall.

George was now spending a lot of time at my house just watching TV

and talking to me about his life and the future. I now began taking

him on business trips with me, and having him help me with customer

installations. I sold equipment that that required help to install

and hoped this might help him find a career path. George was a bright

nice looking kid, more the rugged type with his bright red hair and

green bedroom eyes. He tended to be the tough independent type guy,

yet was soft on the other hand. I never really figured sex would

be in George's and my future. We returned from a business trip one

Friday evening and Shay was waiting at the house when we got back.

Shay and George stayed at my house that night. The next day I had

a business meeting to attend. When I left the house I expected to

be gone all day, and George and Shay planned to go swimming at a

local pool. I returned home early that afternoon, as the meeting

went quicker than expected. I entered the house and George and Shay

did not hear me return. They were in the spare bedroom, with the

door open, when I entered the room they were both naked and both

had erections. George was standing and Shay was in the process of

obviously getting up off his knees. They quickly said something about

me being home early, and that they were just changing out of their

wet bathing suits. It was obvious that something had been going on.

This was the first time I had observed Shay naked and what a sight.

His long blond hair, stocky (no fat) football player body, little

or no body hair and a nice 7" cut dick standing tall. Standing there

and seeing George and Shay, and knowing what they had probably been

doing, just turned my mind to jelly with desire... or maybe envy.

I turned and left the room trying to show little or no reaction to

what I had observed. They both dress and came out and we went about

business as usual. Shay and George went home at dinner time, but

George soon retuned. His dad was drunk and threw him out of the house

for the several hundredth time. George's 18th birthday and come and

gone several weeks earlier. That night we rented a movie and sent

out for pizza. After the movie George asked me if "I knew how to

give a massage" and I replied "Yes, but why do you ask?". He said

his back hurt and he did not know if it was from unloading the equipment

or from swimming. He had only his 501's on and I told him to take

them off and lay on the floor and I would give him a massage. He

did as directed and was now laying on his stomach with only his boxers

on. I began to massage his neck, back and legs. His body was firm

and smooth and a lot like Kenny's to the touch. Just feeling his

smooth skin sent tingles all though me. After a while I told him

to turn over on his back so I could massage his chest and the front

of his legs. As he did his dick, which was fully erect, came out

through the fly of his boxers. It was much smaller than Kenny's probably

just 6" or so and also uncut. George blushed and seemed embarressed

and quickly readjusted his boxers putting his beautiful dick back

inside. I continued the massage. His trim chest had just a little

red hair around his tits and a small tuft in the center of his rib

cage. As I massaged he would move and tense his body, evertime he

did his now throbbing dick would pop out of his boxers. I rolled

him over on his stomach one last time, and continued to massage.

After a few minutes I tugged at the waist band of his boxers indicating

that he should pull them down, and he promptly did. I then continued

to massage his back and the firm young cheeks of his ass. As I massaged

the cheeks of his ass he would squirm and moan. Later I rolled him

over on his back and began rubbing his chest again. As I worked my

way down I had my first close up look at his dick and balls. They

were beautiful a slim solid erect dick with nice small firm balls

and a small tuft of bright red pubic hair. As I would work my way

down to his legs I would move my hand to the inside and brush is

erect dick and balls. Everytime I did his cock would throb. As I

continued to massage he took his dick in his hand and began to stroke

himself. He stroked himself for a few minutes and finally as I worked

my way down his chest towards his groin he moved his hands and put

them under his head as if to say finish me. I stroked him a few times

and he tensed his feet, curled his toes and shot a giant load all

over his chest. I let him relax a few moments and then went into

the bathroom and got a warm wet washcloth and cleaned him up. Later

that night when we had both gone to be in my room, George said"That

massage really made me feel relaxed" and I said "I know it always

does". George then asked me "If I would like to relax?" and I said

"yes". I then pulled my briefs off and lay on my stomach while George

massaged my back. When I rolled over George took my cock in his hand

and did for me what I had done for him. Each experience with these

young guys was different. George would now help me relax and fill

the gap when Kenny went into the Army. Shay would again prove to

be another totally different experience, and in the long run the

best. What Kenny had started would end with "Shay's Seduction" being

the ultimate climax for me.........!!!!!!


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