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Archive-name: FirstGay/ftg181.txt


Archive-title: Kenny the weeks after

When I wrote Kenny's story I did not intend to continue or to write

the great american novel, but for those interested I will continue.

I Must digress a bit so the continuing story will make sense. You

have to realize that the people involved were woven into my life

over a period of seven years, and actually longer as two are still

in contact with me. This story will not start about Kenny but will

end with him. I need to add someone and explain more about George

and his friend Shay for later clarity as these stories are true and

based upon a wonderful period of my life. After our encounter on

grad night Kenny went away on vacation with friends for three weeks.

George was a lost kid without Kenny around and would come over to

the house and just wander around looking for something to do. Geroge

was 17 and would not turn 18 until the end of the summer. I had known

George since he was 14 and Kenny started bringing him over to play.

George also considered me a big brother. George would also stay at

my house nights and weekends when his father would get drunk and

throw him out. George was tall and medium of build, with bright red

hair, green bedroom eyes, and a sexy smile. George was more on the

modest side, although I had seen him naked a few times over the years.

I knew he was not hung like Kenny but was fully through puberty.

During Kenny's absence George started bringing another friend over

by the name of Shay to play pinball and pool. Shay was 16 and one

sharp looking dude. He had blond hair (shoulder length), blue eyes,

he was built on the stocky side (played football in school), wore

501's and wore them well. He was just one hot looking guy. As the

weeks went by while Kenny was gone George and Shay would both seek

to find time to spend alone with me to talk and share family problems.

A close big brother relationship began to delvelop between both of

them and myself. Each of the three hat their own set of problems

and each was different. Nothing further happened that summer with

George and Shay except that our friendships grew and continued. I

was in heaven with all the nice young bods around to view. In mid

July Kenny returned home and now all three of them became friends.

Kenny and I picked up our friendship where we had left off, and of

course he was my favorite due to the fact that our friendship had

another dimension to it. While Kenny was I began to wonder if what

had happened grad night was just a fluke or maybe and experiment

on his part, and had decided to play it cool and wait for a signal,

hoping it would happen. Having all this hot stuff around everyday

was keeping me in a constant state of arousal. I did a lot of my

work then from my home by so I was around alot during the day when

I was not on the road. One hot summer afternoon shortly after Kenny's

return I was sitting on my couch talking on the phone with a customer

when Kenny came in the front door. I was sitting with my feet on

the coffee table wearing only my 501's as I had just showered after

working in the yard. Kenny had just come from swimming and his sandy

blond hair was fresh and wet. He was wearing a pair of shorts and

his boxers hung down below the shorts. He shot me a big smile and

headed toward the fridge and got himself a coke. He returned and

sat down at the other end of the couch. Seeing his body again, and

knowing it was possible to have it sent my mind and my dick into

orbit. As, I said I was on the phone with a customer and could not

get off right away. Kenny waited a bit and then got up and closed

the front door and all the blinds. He again gave me a grin and returned

to the couch. He then took off his athletic shoes. I knew at this

point that something was going to happen. Kenny then laid down on

the couch on his stomach and put his head on my leg and began to

feel my dick by sticking his finger in my fly between the buttons.

Looking down at his bare back and his bubble butt just drove me off

the deep end. Now I am stammering and stuttering with my customer

who will not quit talking. I started to rub his backand my hand found

it way down to his and began to massage that beautiful tight little

butt of his. I finally got off the phone and Kenny promptly raised

up and gave me a big hug and a kiss. I could feel his erection through

his shorts against my chest, boy was I hot by then. Kenny said "Lets

go in the bedroom where it's cool" and without waiting for a reply

he started down the hall. By the time I got up and to the bedroom

he was alread there and had taken off his shorts and was standing

there with that beautiful 8" uncut dick of his standing tall. I stripped

and we embraced and fell onto the cool comforter on the bed. We again

explored each others bodies and licked and kissed all the parts we

could. As I was sucking and stroking that beautiful dick of his I

noticed he was doing something I had not seen him do before. Kenny

had raised his knees up as high as he could get them and was sticking

his finger in his ass as I sucked and stroked him. I reached down

and moved his hand away and began to slowly insert my finger in his

virgin ass. It felt tight, moist and very warm, as he began to relax

and enjoy it I slowly inserted a second finger and started to massage

his postate and he moaned "Oh, God". I now felt sure another first

was coming for both of us, as I had never fucked another guy and

Kenny had never fucked anything. Kenny then rolled away from me and

sat up then climbed on top of me sitting down so my dick was stuck

under his balls and right up under his dick. He was jacking off with

his dick pointed right at me and what a sight it was to see. After

a few moments Kenny smiled and said "I want you to fuck me". I reached

over and got some KY out of the bedside table and slid Kenny back

so I could lube my tool and then pulled him forward and up so I could

lube his beautiful tight ass. I then positioned him on top of me

and he grabbed my dick. As he slowly let himself down and I began

to penetrate him he threw his head back and closed his eyes. His

long hair fell straight back and what a sight to see that smooth

hairless body of his arched back and my dick in a tight virgin ass.

Slowly Kenny began to move up and down and whild doing so started

to stroke his dick. This went on for what seemed like and eternity.

Just as I was about to cum Kenny said "I am going to cum" and we

both came together. Me shootijng my load up his ass, and Kenny coming

all over my chest. After resting a bit we took a shower together

and Kenny asked "If George and Shay could come over that night and

play pool. I said "Sure" thinking to myself that more nice scenery

would be nice... and along came George and Shay...............


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