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Archive-name: FirstGay/ftg177.txt


Archive-title: Firsts at the hand of another..

I was in my late twenties and in the middle of a divorce from my

wife. A neighbor and good friend of mine was also in the process

of getting a divorce. He had a son named Kenny who was 13 at the

time. Kenny and his dad were not getting along well at the time and

Kenny would come over to my house to get away from his dad. At the

time I had a large den with a pool table and some old pinball machines

I had restored. Kenny would play in the den and on accasion bring

a friend named George over to play. As time went by Kenny's relationship

with his dad got worse, but for some reason Kenny and I got along

fine. He would respond to input from me. His dad encouraged me to

help kenny with school and to spend time with him so he would stay

out of trouble. Kenny would do chores for me, play with his friend

in the den, and spend many a weekend at my house. My work involved

a lot of travel and occasionally I would take Kenny on trips with

me. Kenny was a very good looking boy, long sandy blond hair, slim

but nice build, typical surfer type kid, 501's, surfer T-shirts and

a skate board. Over the years that we spent a lot of time together

nothing sexual happened, but Kenny would for some reason always expose

himself naked to me. If he showered he would call me into the bathroom

and ask of something like a fresh towel, or a new bar of soap. The

first time I saw him naked his body was smooth and hairless, puberty

was just setting in, he had a small dick which was not cut, and a

little fur just starting in the corners. When he staryed at my house

he had a bedroom of his own but it did not have air conditioning.

My bedroom did and starting one hot summer night he asked to sleep

in my room with me. Over the years it just became the routine that

he slept in my bed with me. I always thought he was straight as we

talked often about girls and sex and it always straight stuff. The

pattern continued over the years of not being modest around each

other and on several occasions Kenny let me catch him jacking off,

and I was sure it was on purpose. By this time he had developed into

a man with almost an 8" dick and a beautiful smooth body. I was getting

to the point that he was driving me nuts, but he was still a kid

of 16, and I had yet to sleep with a man (sexually). Kenny turned

18 two weeks before his high school graduation. The night of his

graduation his father, myself and other friends went to his graduation.

After the ceremony we returned to his dads house and Kenny left with

some friends, which I though was for the night. I stayed for a few

drinks, as Kenny's father credited me with getting Kenny through

high school, and then returned to my home around mid-night. When

I got home Kenny was sitting on my front porch. I said to him "I

though you were out for grad night with your friends" and he replied

"No, I would rather spend it with you". We went inside had some champange

to celebrate, and then went to bed as usual Kenny in his boxers and

me in my briefs. As I was just starting to dose off Kenny rolled

over and embraced me, at first I thought it was just a hug out of

happiness over graduating, but then to my surprise he slowly slid

his hand down into my briefs and began to slowly stroke my then hard

dick. He continued to my amazement to stroke me until I shot a major

load. When it was over he said to me "Now you know" and we both rolled

over and went to sleep. We awoke at the same time in the morning

and Kenny gave me a kiss on the cheek and said "Now it is time to

do it together". He reached over and pulled down my briefs and then

pulled his boxers off exposing that beautiful 8" uncut dick standing

hard and erect. He climed on top of me and for the first time our

dicks met. He then began kissing and licking my chest and tits and

slowly slid down to my dick and took it in his mouth. He sucked and

stroked me until I thought I was in heaven. Just before I was about

to cum I push him back and rolled him over on his back and repeated

the same process on him. His body tasted beautiful. As I sucked and

stroked his firm young dick he moaned "God, so this is what it feels

like". Just before I new he was going to cum, I pulled away and continued

to stroke him, when he shot his load his whole body arched and shook,

and I am sure the first couple of shots hit the ceiling, he shot

a load the size of which I could hardly believe. When he was finished

he rolled me over and took mine in his mouth and sucked me off until

I shot my load down his throat. We lay there for a while both exhausted,

me not believing it had actually happened, but loving every moment

of it. Finally Kenny spoke and said "You do realize that that was

the first time I ever came at the hand of another". That was the

first of many firsts for Kenny and I over the next several years.

And then along came George but that another story.........


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